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Bathe and clothing childrenChildren’s vital symptoms are examined before bathing based on procedures.
Place infants and toddlers to sleepInfants and toddlers’ crib is ready predicated on procedure.
Relaxation infants and toddlersTools and devices are prepared according to the need of the baby/toddler.
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Communicate properly with patientsEffective communication tactics and tactics are identified and applied to accomplish best patient program outcomes.
Communicate information on the incidentAppropriate medical assistance is requested

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Suitable maintenance processes is selected and applied based on identified floor varieties and surface textures.
Medical attention is sought as needed in accordance with policies and procedures.
Hygiene and health rules are implemented in good care practice.
Beds and beddings are usually cleaned to comply with health, hygiene and safe practices requirements as relevant.

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preferences are conducted based on established procedures.
The elderly is supported and encouraged in exercising their privileges and personal tastes without compromising their protection and those of others and relative to established procedures.
Personal hygiene treatment is proven to children based on health and safety procedures.
Instill personal hygiene procedures to childrenHygiene procedures are explained evidently to children based on established procedures.
RESPOND EFFECTIVELY TO DIFFICULT/CHALLENGING BEHAVIOR – This unit covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes to properly react to difficult or challenging behavior of patient.
Records of infection management risks and incidents are effectively maintained as required.
Employees are encouraged to report infection risks also to improve infection control techniques.

using relevant communication mass media and equipment.
Report and overview incidentsIncidents are reported according to institutional polices and procedures.
Apply responseDifficult or challenging behavior is dealt with promptly, firmly and diplomatically relative to institutional policy and methods.
Safety of self and others is given priority in responding to difficult or challenging actions according to institutional policies and treatments.
Specific manifestations of complicated or challenging behavior are identified and approaches appropriate to these behaviors will be planned as required.
Store excess food items and ingredientsUnconsumed foods are stored according to procedures.
Prepare desserts and saladsMaterials, equipment/utensils useful for cooking are prepared as per SOPs.

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Clean surfaces and floorsAppropriate removal/washing equipment, supplies, materials, treatments and techniques are employed in accordance with soil and litter varieties and established procedures.
Give a safe environmentOrganizational plans and procedures on protection are implemented as required.
Infection control operations are followed in accordance with established procedures.
Appropriate cleaning agents, equipment and tools are used relative to established procedures.

  • Support for the passions, rights and decision making of people with special wants is demonstrated in all dealings.
  • Supervise the safe practices of clientsClients will be supervised in accordance with legal requirements and restrictions.
  • Proper reaction to situations of dangers to health and safety is provided and maintained based on established procedures.
  • Accessories happen to be washed and cleaned in accordance with standard operating techniques and techniques.

Chance is provided for the work group to seek more info on workplace infection control issues and practices.
Ironing equipment and materials are stored in the correct area following safety treatments.

Recommended Skills

All cleanup, polishing, sweeping resources and gear are stored according to standard operating procedures .
Cleaning/polishing equipment are cleaned after use in accordance with relevant protection procedures and maker’s instructions.
Cleansing, polishing and sweeping gear, supplies and materials are employed following safety procedures and manufacturer’s specifications.

Opportunities for physical progress are provided predicated on child’s stage of growth and progress.
This course is made to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Caregivers in accordance with industry standards.
It covers basic, prevalent and core competencies in NC II.
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