Once you set up the exam with D2L Quizzes you can setup your exam for proctoring.
The student experience will be seamless where each goes right to their D2L Quiz to begin with proctoring.

  • New is often overwhelming and student test anxiety has already been high.
  • Honorlock support staff could have access immediately to your session to save time diagnosing problems.
  • AI system is designed to ensure that you keep your concentrate on your exam without any external distractions.
  • A Practice Test should have been developed by your instructor within every exam course so you might test out the technology.
  • your assessment, log into Canvas, go to your course, and select your exam.

Honorlock is ASU’s principal online proctoring solution for fully-online ASU i-Courses and o-Courses.
It is an AI-based solution that monitors students in real time and alerts a live proctor to any suspicious behavior detected by the Artificial Intelligence.
If intervention is warranted, a human proctor will pop-in and address the problem with the student.
This curbs cheating as it is going on and reduces the chance of false positives being flagged.
All interactions are flagged and documented for the instructor.

Prepared To Take Your Exam?

Our minimum system requirements, including network requirements, can be viewed here.
Ensure your computer is charged and has a strong internet connection.
Make sure you use Google Chrome once you log in to take your test.
We recommend students take their exam in a quiet private location to limit potential flags and distractions.
Your instructor may provide specific requirements regarding exam setting.
All IRSC classes on the web require verification of one’s identification according to the instructor’s syllabus.

You will then be prompted to examine Privacy Details and select I understand to continue.
3) A small window will available to start proctoring for the exam.
With respect to the settings of one’s exam, you might not have to complete all of the below steps.
You may need to have to relaunch the Honorlock authentication process.
After the authentication process is complete, you’ll click Begin and launch the exam.
If that does not resolve the problem, please reach out to Honorlock Support.

Students may make reference to the Office of the Registrar’s FERPA Notice to Students for information on how the University defines the terms “school official” and “legitimate educational interest”.
Honorlock does not have access or the capability to control secondary devices such as for example mobile phones.
Honorlock runs on the Chrome browser extension that uses AI to detect the presence of faces in your camera and various voices.
A student will need to install the browser extension to take an examination.
The student can immediately delete the browser extension following examination.
Honorlock does not have the ability to control your computer, read your passwords or download any files at any time.

What To Expect

establish Honorlock within Distance Education’s portfolio of tools and be managed through the standard Procurement and Contracting process.
All information collected during an exam is FERPA protected and can be used for educational purposes only.

  • Instructors make the ultimate assessment about whether suspected cheating has taken place during an exam session.
  • Honorlock does not employ any technologies to allow detection of secondary devices linked to a student’s local/home network used during the proctoring session.
  • This adds extra security and privacy for anyone who is concerned about the extension software beyond testing.
  • accessibility instructions, or press Alt + F10 to gain access to the menu.

The Exam Task Force was a derivative of the Fall Planning Committee on which Eric Mendoza and Uthej Vattipalli were members.
A core guiding principle of the Exam Task Force was to streamline the student exam experience for Texas A&M students.
Additionally, the LMS Advisory Committee has student representation in Sven Lohse.

Is It True That My Student Information Could Possibly Be Sold To Third Parties Easily Participate In An Online Proctored Test?

Review the resources in this section together with under Taking Your Exam so you are well informed and more more comfortable with Honorlock and completing your exam.
Assuming you have concerns about your privacy, please review the information on the Student Privacy tab for more information about how exactly Honorlock protects your details.

UT System Administration and UT Permian Basin have no idea of material weaknesses in Honorlock’s security that would allow a third-party hacker to access information about students.
A stable internet connection must take an online exam, in fact it is required by Honorlock to take an online proctored exam.

Honorlock is there that will help you make an informed decision and provide evidence if needed.
Develop a new Chrome profile – When downloading the Chrome extension, create a new Chrome profile to use throughout your quiz or exam.
This adds extra security and privacy for anyone who is worried about the extension software outside of testing.

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