Instabug: A software company providing customers with reports and services relating to website and app software bugs and glitches.

System could make the difference between whether your existing app users will switch to other brands or not. As they eliminate the need for the users to leave the app for providing valuable feedback. This, in turn, has flooded the play store and app store with over 2 million apps each. There are hundreds and thousands of apps that all do about the same thing.

It may include responsive design, customization, social media connectivity, offline capabilities, enhanced speed, and much more. Knowledge base articles within the app to help customers with common concerns and queries. For app optimization, experience analysis, design improvement, and lead generation.

  • You can find your own APP_TOKEN by selecting the SDK tab from your Instabug dashboard.
  • Be prepared with the mobile industry’s most comprehensive insights into user experience and performance.
  • Jira Software by Atlassian is the #1 software development tool for teams planning and building great products.

Bugyard is the most efficient tool for all your visual feedback, bug reports and website-related communication. In addition to your colleague’s or clients’ feedback, Bugyard adds a screenshot of your web page, exactly as your users see it. Direct link to the webpage, browser and OS details, screen resolution and viewport size help you easily understand your user’s context. Get visual feedback from your teammates, early users and clients directly on your website with screenshot, OS, browser details and direct link to the issue.

With advanced reporting, you take deep dives into the data for perfect analysis of user feedback. You can also create surveys and send them out to different users of your app using Instabug. The surveys can have a text field or multiple choices for your users to choose from.


You only have to ask users about their device and the date when the crash occurred. When you click on a specific crash fragment, you’ll be taken to a new screen. There, you can analyze the entire stack trace and see the number of sessions this crash happened in, as well as details like the user’s platform, device, date, and country. When you open Smartlook’s Crash Reports, you get a list of all crashes, grouped together by the first three lines of the stack trace. You can also see information about the version of your app where a crash occurred, as well as the number of users that experienced it. UserVoice also offers a product validation platform, and different feedback program development and training services. Unlike surveys, a feedback widget is a way to let your users leave feedback whenever they want by clicking on a simple button embedded somewhere in your app.

Raygun’s suite of products covers three main areas , all fully integrated with each other to unlock deeply powerful insights, unlike anything your team has experienced before. Raygun gives you visibility into how users are really experiencing your software. Unlock detailed, code-level insights into the root cause of performance issues so you can take action and deliver lightning-fast digital experiences.

  • But we can only fix problems we know about, and the more we know, the faster it goes.
  • It helps optimize each user experience by tracking them as they move from one channel to the other.
  • It provides a platform for beta testing, comprehensive bug and crash reporting, and user engagement reports.

And there’s no time cap, so you can run your first feedback campaign before you make a commitment. To really let feedback fuel your product, you need to connect it to behavioral user data to get a complete image of how your audience interacts with the app. GetFeedback is an agile customer experience tool that lets you collect feedback across the entire customer journey. A real-time analytics dashboard will let you monitor your results, see response breakdowns, generate word clouds to look for trends, and see automatic reports. One of the most common ways of collecting in-app feedback is pop-up surveys. But there are a few other methods available—we’ll look at them below.

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Product feedback software helps you to track customer satisfaction. By monitoring how satisfied customers are with your product, you can make changes to improve satisfaction. You can do this through customer surveys and other data collection methods. The top bug reporting platforms begin to charge for their services as the number of account logins or published apps/users increase.

It also integrates with leading developer tools for end-to-end traceability. Now, traditional crash reporting tools can provide you with this same information. In some cases, they also throw in a bit more data about users’ devices (memory, CPU, etc.) and a text-based representation of user sessions. You will encounter bugs in the development process, but they don’t have to be difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there are plenty of bug tracking tools that can help you streamline the process and bring transparency to the entire process. Instabug’s in-app feedback feature lets you receive bug reports and additional insights from app users and prototype testers.

As we said, without access to session recordings, devs and QAs often have to reproduce problems via trial and error. For example, say you have a banking app that crashes when users open the check deposit feature and try to turn on the camera. A tool like Crashlytics would only show that the crash happened on the line of code where the camera was initialized. If you can’t debug it with this information, it goes into the non-reproducible pile. But with Smartlook’s session recordings, you can see lots of other useful details. For example, you might see that the user didn’t enable permissions for the camera, which the app can’t handle correctly and crashes as a result.

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