jama: Journal of the American Medical Association. Peer-reviewed health journal which also leads a broader network of international journals known as the JAMA network.

Patients’ initials or other personal identifiers should never appear in a graphic.
Furthermore, the journal will add metadata to all articles to ensure web-based search engine discoverability and will provide publicly discoverable information about your article to PubMed/Medline and numerous other bibliographic databases on the day of publication.
Graphs, charts, some illustrations, titles, legends, keys, along with other elements related to figures in accepted manuscripts will undoubtedly be re-created and edited in accordance with JAMA Network style and standards prior to publication.

If the manuscript is accepted for publication and if the supplemental material is deemed befitting publication by the editors, it will be posted online during publication of the article as additional material supplied by the authors.
This material will not be edited or formatted; thus, authors are responsible

If a revision is requested and before a manuscript is accepted, authors will undoubtedly be asked to provide figures that meet up with the requirements described in Figure File Requirements for Publication.
Letters discussing a recently available article in this journal should be submitted within four weeks of publication of the article in print.3 Letters received after 4 weeks will rarely be considered. [newline]Letters should not exceed 400 words of text and 5 references, 1 which should be to the recent article.

Why Publish In Jama Internal Medicine?

JAMA Ophthalmology is published online weekly, every Thursday, and in 12 print/online issues a year.
The journal receives over 2.4 million online visits annually and much more than 3.4 million article views and downloads.
JAMA Dermatology is published online weekly, every Wednesday, and in 12 print/online issues a year.
The journal receives over 4.7 million online visits annually and much more than 5 million article views and downloads.
Systematic Reviews without meta-analysis are published as Original Investigations (see also Meta-analysis).

Copy of the original trial protocol, like the complete statistical analysis plan and any amendments.
The journal recommends utilizing the SPIRIT reporting guidelines while preparing original protocols .
Written permission to add the names of people in the Acknowledgment section should be obtained.

Statistical Analysis

Randomized clinical trials should be primarily analyzed according to the intention-to-treat approach.
Deviations from strict intention-to-treat analysis ought to be described as “modified intention-to-treat,” with the modifications clearly described.
For randomized clinical trials, protocols with complete statistical analysis plans should be cited in the Methods section and submitted as supplemental content .
JAMA Health Forum is an international, peer-reviewed, online, open access journal that addresses health policy and strategies affecting medicine, health, and healthcare.
The journal publishes original research, evidence-based reports, and opinion about national and global health policy; innovative approaches to healthcare delivery; and healthcare economics, access, quality, safety, equity, and reform.
Health policy leaders contribute timely and insightful commentary via the JAMA Forum, and news briefs cover major reports released by government agencies, foundations, health policy think tanks, and other policy-focused organizations.
JAMA Health Forum is really a person in the JAMA Network, a consortium of peer-reviewed, general medical and specialty publications.

Data were collected using Qualtrics (), an paid survey platform.
All respondents gave digital informed consent prior to participating.
Survey responses contained no personally identifiable information, and email addresses collected for survey distribution were encrypted as anonymized participant IDs.

  • An observational study that describes a selected group of participants with similar exposure or treatment and without a control group.
  • the minimum resolution requirements at the time of creation.
  • Individual elements is probably not moved within an image field, deleted, or inserted from another image.

Provide the scientific rationale for including variables in regression models.
Systematic Review articles will include a structured abstract of only 350 words utilizing the headings listed below.

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In today’s context, our results forewarn of major effects to the frontline nurse workforce.
Further studies are needed to elucidate the effect of the existing pandemic on the nurse workforce, particularly among younger nurses of color, that are underrepresented in these data.
Policy makers and health systems should also focus on aspects of the work environment known to improve job satisfaction, including staffing ratios, continued nursing education, and support for interdisciplinary teamwork.
JAMA Cardiology is published online weekly, every Wednesday, and in 12 print/online issues per year.
The journal receives over 2 million online visits annually and much more than 3 million article views and downloads.

The text should include the entire name, academic degrees, and a single institutional affiliation for each author and the e-mail address for the corresponding author.
Letters must not duplicate other material published or submitted for publication and really should not include unpublished data.

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