kalamera: Refrigeration brand specializing in products for keeping wine cool.

To read more on how wine fridges are made, we suggest this extremely thorough article from refrigerator blog New Air. Luneau USA wine importer Pierre Haury told us that wine fridges are notorious for breaking prematurely, and often just outside of a typical one-year warranty. Haury recommends spending upwards of $500 for something that will truly last . As far as noise, you can expect a wine cooler with a compressor to make some noise while it runs. It typically isn’t loud enough to interrupt a conversation, but it’s still noticeable. Thermoelectric coolers are much quieter, sometimes running nearly silent.

  • These temperatures can be very easily set using the standard digital thermostat and control panel.
  • If you plan to host parties where people will drink different types of alcohol, such as wine, champagne, whiskey, etc., this fridge will work best for you.
  • This cooler has an auto-defrost feature, temperature cooling as low as 34F, and a stainless steel finish.
  • It also costs more than most other wine coolers in our comparison – more than double actually.
  • If you plan to store it in a finished basement or pantry, the noise shouldn’t be a problem either.

Therefore, regardless of any physical limitations you might have, EdgeStar wine coolers are always accessible to you, allowing you the ability to enjoy your wine to the fullest. If your collection consists of mostly reds, then a single temperature fridge might be your best bet.

Danby Beverage Center – Considered For Best For Dinner Guests

With dozens of products across many different niches of the market, wine coolers are regarde as top-of-the-line models with high efficiency, absolute trust, and long-lasting solutions that you can buy. It might be quite crowde in the wine cooler space with numerous products from different brands, but once in a blue moon, a company comes and sets itself apart with distinct offerings. Haier’s wine cooler series is not meant to be a glorified miniature refrigerator, and certainly you cannot expect it to be found in some random dorm room either. The best brand wine cooler is a world-class manufacturer holding the highest standard for years in the industry. What you are paying for is an impeccable system that can last until the end of time.

  • And if you want to install the fridge in your kitchen, make sure it can be built in.
  • The lockable doors protect everything you put in there, and the wide temperature range helps you cool all kinds of beverages and wine.
  • This is a single-zone cooler that can go as low as 40ºF and as warm as 64ºF, making it versatile for all kinds of wines.
  • If condensation does build up, you can wipe down the fridge and bottles, or use an absorbent, like silica or baking soda .

Most fridges estimate capacity based on a collection of standard-sized Bordeaux bottles. Wine Enthusiast advises that if non-Bordeaux bottles make up half of your collection, your storage capacity may go down 20% to 25%; if more than half of the bottles are non-Bordeaux, capacity may go down 40%. You can get a fridge with similar features and different capacities from the brands that make our picks, and we discuss the details of different-size options in our Competition section. Beloved by sommeliers, top chefs, and wine lovers, EuroCave’s cellars and fridges sit in swanky hotels and prestigious restaurants around the world, and they have a reputation for lasting upwards of a decade. EuroCave makes tons of wine fridges, some of which cost as much as a car, and the 74-bottle EuroCave Premiere S is one of the best fridges for protecting a small collection. Plus, the Premiere S has an option for a solid door to shield bottles from light, which is a feature many fridges lack.

However, higher wattages tend to last longer and require less maintenance. The Kalamera Wine Cooler is one of many different models made by Tefal S.P.A. PreviewProductRatingPriceKalamera 24” Beverage refrigerator Cooler, 120 Cans & 16 Bottles, Built-in or Freestanding, with… Although people on the Wine Berserkers forum like Le Cache luxury cabinets, none of the experts we spoke with recommended these. For the price, we think you’ll be better off with our highly rated upgrade pick, the EuroCave Premiere S. When people talk about the process, they’re referring to the inevitable chemical reactions that affect the flavors, aromas, and texture of a wine.

Its triple-layered tempered glass door makes sure that you see every detail of your wine, even under bright lights. There is a large capacity which means you can hold more wine without running out of space. Temperatures over 70 °F can “cook” wine, creating flat, muddy, or off flavors. A basement or a cool room that stays consistently between 50 °F and 60 °F can work as storage, but overly damp conditions can encourage mold growth and damage wine labels.

Whynter 92-bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

With digital touch controls and LED lighting, this small cooler is perfect for storing wine for those nights when you need a big bottle of red. Measuring 17.3×33.3×18.9 inches in dimensions, with a 3.2 cubic feet size, this cooler is designed to fit 119 cans.

Frigidaire is widely known as one of the world’s leading consumer appliance manufacturers, especially in the world of wine cooler brands. The company is particularly famous for its Frigidaire Wine Cooler Series thanks to their commitment to quality. Found in 1916, Frigidaire was originally call Guardian Refrigerator. In addition, all of EdgeStar products are fully in compliance with ADA design principles.

If you aren’t concerned about dedicated aging, sommelier Michele Thomas told us that most wines should be fine stored at about 50 °F. We also went deep on how to store wine and what makes a great wine fridge. To find the best fridges to consider, we read reviews from Liquor.com, Epicurious, Wine Enthusiast, and The Strategist. Then we dove into the discussions on Reddit and Wine Berserkers to see what enthusiasts had to say about different makes and models.

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Those who want to invest in a place to properly store wine may want to consider a dual zone wine fridge, which provides the right humidity and temperature to store prized bottles. A good dual zone wine fridge creates the ideal cool, humid, and dark conditions for wine storage. The best fridge options maintain a stable temperature and have a range of features to protect the integrity of the wine.

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