Karsan: A manufacturer of electric buses and public transportation vehicles.

At exactly the same exhibition Otokar launched the articulated e-bus and Isuzu showed the choice drive range.
In other news, Cluj-Napoca’s public transport company, CTP, won its fifth consecutive award to be the “most efficient urban transport operator in Romania” at Gala Tranzit, placed right above companies of Oradea and Arad, respectively.
Cluj-Napoca City Hall’s tender for the purchase of 40 electric buses has been suspended due a pending resolution of the appeal at the National Council for the Resolution of Appeals , Monitorulcj.ro reported.
To aid passengers feel safer during the Covid-19 epidemic, transportation agencies implemented specific measures (required mask-wearing, social distance, regular sanitization processes, activation of ventilation systems).
Many of these processes, however, do not ensure that the air is without microorganisms that may cause sickness.
Air purification technology can certainly help in addressing concerns about pollutants in the air that may be bad for one’s health.

The 9–14 m segment is dominating the electric bus segment because of the large volumes of electric passenger buses found in public transport fleet.
The majority of the public transport fleets, especially in China, which accounts for almost 99% of the market, have electric buses which are 9–14 m long.
Also, many of the market leading OEMs such as for example BYD, Proterra, and Yutong have already been providing electric buses in the 9-14 m length range.
BYD offers K8 and K9 electric buses between 9 m and 14 m long and a variety of 155 miles and 190 miles.

Wrightbus is partnering with Hygen Energy to provide a ‘green hydrogen’ production facility at the bus manufacturer’s Ballymena headquarters.
11 Solaris trolleybuses will join the fleet of the Romanian city of Târgu Jiu, the second order for the Romanian market in 2021.

Vilnius Signs Contract To Buy Its First Electric Buses

, particularly truck and bus production.
“Thus, between two vehicles, the one with a lesser electricity consumption is superior, through a higher total efficiency.
For evaluation, the offer will necessarily contain the SORT 2 test sheets for the vehicles offered.”
The initial order of 10 buses from the e-ATA range will undoubtedly be delivered to the Romanian city of Slatina in December, with further deliveries scheduled in 2022.
The buses include a lightweight body and low-floor interior to allow passenger movement.

When you register, you should have access to additional services including the platform helpdesk and the possibility to contact your peers in the platform community.
Funding for the initiative originates from U-M’s Planet Blue, which organizes sustainable development projects for the Commission on Carbon Neutrality and contains issued $300 million in green bonds.
“Pilot and research projects like this increase the accessibility of data to researchers and students, which gives a chance for new research and projects,” Verboncoeur noted.
Embodying the vision of “One Step Ahead in the foreseeable future of Mobility”, Karsan is pioneering another step towards sustainable transportation.
After interacting with industry experts, we conducted brief sessions with highly experienced independent consultants to bolster the findings from our primaries.
This, together with the

The company Torqeedo – a worldwide leader in the manufacture of boat drives – uses the batteries because the energy source for its motors.
Four electric buses will hit the University of Michigan’s campus LANSING — With plans for an all-electric bus fleet by 2035, the University of Michigan will introduce its …
LANSING — With plans

Michigan State University’s Sae Level 4 Bus Racks Up Miles In Daily Use

BYD has been partnered with ADL for their electric vehicle for the delivery of up to 200 BYD ADL Enviro 200 EV zero emission battery-electric buses.
The railway system was privatized in 1993, and the initial rail franchises were awarded in 1995.
Even though the way to obtain public transportation has been delegated to private sector operators, the strategic management of both buses and rail remains the work of local or national government.
In the recent decade, the role of local governments and the federal government in transportation planning has grown.
I was shocked to learn that Karsan’s Adastec-powered autonomous vehicles only require about 1 month of localization, including mapping of the route, learning local signs, language, etc before being put into service.
It’s an exceptionally rapid process for a technology that can drastically reduce the cost of operations for transit authorities.
Using pre-mapped roads, Lidar, and cameras might seem strange when coming from the world of passenger vehicles, but because they operate on fixed routes, that is an ideal implementation for transit vehicles.

  • Design and production of battery-electric buses that use opportunity charging (3-5min fast charging).
  • Should it become functional, the new means of public transportation will are powered by lines 35, 46B, 24B, 21, 31, 36B, and 52, and eliminate pollution from public transport by 2028.
  • More broadly, however, there seems to be heightened community knowing of the advantages of clean, comfortable buses.
  • The marketplace in Asia Pacific is projected to experience the fastest growth due to the high demand of electric buses from countries such China, Japan, South Korea and India.
  • That means power comes to the electric motor rapidly gives the electric bus powerful and rapid acceleration.

As a result, the country is dominating the market, before European and American countries.
Asia Pacific leads the marketplace because of the high adoption rate of electric buses in China.
Other Asian countries also have started introducing electric buses within their public transportation fleets.
The transport sector is one of the largest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions.
According to the United Nations Environment Program , the transport sector contributes around one-quarter of most energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and is among the largest resources of urban and regional polluting of the environment.
The US Environmental Protection Agency also states that buses contributed 1.1% to the complete GHG emissions from the transportation sector in 2019.
Vehicle emissions

Canada: Winnipeg Transit Orders 16 Nfi Zero-emission Buses

When we rolled around Karsan’s headquarters and factory in Bursa, Turkey, I was looking to visit a traditional automotive manufacturing facility but what we saw was very different.
Karsan has generated up a stable of fully electric offerings for several of the buses in its lineup that stand on the shoulders of six decades of experience in automotive manufacturing, with a proven track record of reliability.
Turkey has a decades long history of producing automobiles for both domestic and global markets.
Specifically, Turkey has generated itself as an integral builder of commercial vehicles, with nearly all those flowing through export channels to Europe, thanks to favorable customs agreements established in 1995.
The Baltic Times is an independent monthly newspaper that covers latest political, economic, business, and cultural events in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Gillig manufacturers a battery-electric version of their Low Floor Plus model, and a trolleybus version of their BRTPlus model.

The statement noted that the objection procedure for the other participants continues and that further developments will undoubtedly be shared with the public and investors.
NEXCOM’s in-vehicle AI-aided telematics computer, VTC 7260-xC4, can be used as the core of vehicles to greatly help deploy a variety of applications.
Škoda has been contracted to provide an additional six new 27Tr trolleybuses to the city of Prešov, Slovakia.

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