Keen app: Google-made social network for content discovery and curation. Uses AI to surface relevant recommendations.

It helped them to think strategically about scaling because they sought to expand their distribution network internationally, realising the initial social impact they might have on people who cannot use mass market technological products.
Based in Madrid, Spain they created an app which allows people with a physical disability who’ve difficulty using a touchscreen to use digital products like tablets or smartphones.
Mouse4all highlighted that “impact is really a word which resonates deeply” for them as they are determined to positively impact their users’ lives.
Adoption of new, novel and much more efficient approaches may face barriers to uptake including those are both financial and attitudinal.
PlaceCal is a community toolkit that brings resident groups together to produce a shared social calendar, and originated out of a study project into social isolation and loneliness experienced by older residents in Manchester.
Much of our time as a Tech To Connect Challenge finalist has been spent testing various models of scaling across the UK.

understood nor controlled?
But the prize was large so I decided to make a few shy attempts.
Our first foray in search engine optimization was enough to instruct me that SEO rewards products focused on pleasing the users.
Sure, there is depth to cover in the technical details one needs to master and sure, a Google “randomness” factor applies but equally, the biggest wins came from product and UX improvements.

European Social Innovation Competition 2020

Job seekers can receive ongoing digital coaching via email, text and an app that delivers personalised motivational support, helping its users to feel continuously supported.
By the end of your day, Bob aims to have a most their users understand the main challenges and resources to act on the barriers they face in the work market.
As long as users know very well what is standing in their way and what they can do to help themselves, then the Bob team knows they’re making an impact.
Another aim would be to draw attention to gaps in the labour market, so there is more awareness around creating pathways which are accessible to job-seekers and so that others can reap the benefits of open source tools like Bob.
Complex issues like the Horizon Europe missions often need a mixture of actions that allow for both top-down direction and bottom-up experimentation.

  • A shocking insight from the report is that certain solution enabled careers advisors to base course tips about labour market information forthe first-time.
  • Delivery companies now control the worthiness chain and it’s time and energy to squeeze just as much value of the proceeds as possible, leading restaurants to re-think their razor-thin margins and business relationship with delivery companies.
  • Minitex, the Minnesota Library Consortium,
  • For example, there’s award-winning Hydrologic – focused on giving people usage of clean water in even the most remote elements of Cambodia – and doing it in a sustainable way.
  • in the Atlantic (see ), the strongest and most enduring associations we observed were not between reproductively active females, but between bubble net feeders.

It uses a pre-recorded audio narrative to produce a story, and shares these encounters using 360 virtual reality technology.
The project aims to generate stations of archived narratives from refugees throughout Europe.
Ulisse may be the first ever European digital platform that creates, markets and promotes local travel experiences and full holiday bundles created by deaf people for deaf people.
The Mayor of London and the Living Wage Foundation are trying to find innovators to build up solutions that utilise data and technology to help enable better pay and better work for gig economy workers.
Yet we lack reliable, easy-to-use, data-driven planning and mapping tools to steer future city growth with techniques that are socially inclusive and resilient to climate change.
In particular, we need to create improved ways to empower people in rapidly growing cities to shape their communities’ futures, reflecting their actual wants and needs.

The IIU is currently attempting to codify its challenge prize method and learning right into a shareable resource.
In addition, there may be great benefit in building connections between now-experienced departmental delivery teams and those starting out.
Impact Canada is running these challenges on an easy array of topics, tackling the different parts of the climate crisis, housing affordability, food waste, the opioid epidemic and others.
If these criteria aren’t met, more traditional grant and procurement processes tend the right fit.

The End Of A Challenge, The Continuing Future Of Surgical Training

aims to accelerate the improvement of drug checking technology to allow the community of individuals who use drugs and those who support them to create more informed decisions in line with the composition of a drug and to reduce harm.
The challenge successfully attracted new ideas and innovators; almost all of the applicants to the task were new to Government of Canada funding.
The intended beneficiaries for Music Memory Box include individuals coping with dementia, their own families, carers, and professional care providers.
Our product supports people right from diagnosis who are still living independently, to the 1/3 of people resident in care homes needing more support.
In particular, we wish groups which are overlooked currently in service provision to be in the centre of how Music Memory Box develops.
During our pilot we worked with care homes in Bristol and the carer group Bristol Black Carers, who found Music Memory Box improved communication, reduced confusion and supported new positive experiences for folks living with dementia and their community.

Circulation numbers, our key library metric, started to drop, yet all public service staff continued to share feeling overwhelmed with work.
If we get what we measure and what we measure is essential, focus on circulation alone was providing an incomplete story.
This presentation explains Boone County Public Library’s process of using all available data to create a mapping document.
The map shows the way the public wants to connect to the library and how staff works to meet these community requests.
The mapping document is merging information gathered from staff through experience and from software (gate count, circulation, reference questions, copier usage, Wi-Fi, public computer usage, length of public computer usage, census data).

  • As presented in Fig.3D, the molecules scattered more towards the top-right vertex (sphere-shaped) in comparison to traditional HTS compounds that predominately dropped between your top-left vertex (rod-shaped) and bottom vertex (disc-shaped) .
  • Researchers mounted on a Danish university, as well as overseas collaborators, can get remote access to web archive data all over the world.
  • Countless companies in industries such as for example finance and healthcare collect massive amounts of data.
  • Selling an electronic subscription through print would require a passcode within the newspaper to gain access to a site.
  • Develop the needed theory, probabilistic representations, learning algorithms and systems for learning interesting probabilistic logic models in real-life applications on the basis of data.

We are inclined to focus innovation-led conversations on economic factors and our ability to remain competitive.
Fixed pricing is paramount to allow customers to anticipate expenses, compare providers and make it transparent what they are actually paying for.

Google is not able to respond optimally to this query because it was created to find the most relevant web resource, written by a human and surface it.
However this desirable response to such a query requires gathering information from multiple sources and aggregating everything in a single place.
Today, this means opening up multiple tabs , studying each post and manually stitching together the relevant information.
GPT-3 is really a new search paradigm by OpenAI and possibly the largest threat to the status quo of search.
GPT-3 is also able to generate answers for just about any symbolic query, not just words.
In the example below, GPT-3 returns code that’s rendered on the browser.

Tech and War — The a reaction to the Ukraine invasion is a demonstration of tech capabilities; those capabilities may be the key to compelling China to pressure Russia.
Nvidia In the Valley — Nvidia is in the valley regarding gaming, the info center, and the omniverse; if it creates it to future heights its margins will be well-earned.

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