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Do you think this can be the right price for the Niro, particularly compared to both gas and electric competition, both from within Kia and without?
And right now, because of enormous EV demand, price differences may not matter much at all.
Every EV is selling out everywhere, and it’s difficult to find them at MSRP.
So while we need to compare MSRP since that’s the only guideline we have, MSRP is somewhat meaningless right now and for the near future.
Any prices quoted are at the mercy of changes in law, regulation, tax or duty beyond our reasonable control.
Also coming are a speedier GT version of the excellentKia EV6 (which replaces the old-school but swift and elegant Kia Stinger), as well as a production version of the Tonka Toy-like EV9 electric SUV concept.

The Citroen e-C4 melds innovation, style, and technology right into a smart hatchback, ideal for smooth long trips and family drives.
Updated with a whole new dedicated EV platform, plus V2L ability but still the great range your money can buy.
While Kia’s warranty coverage doesn’t come with complimentary scheduled maintenance like its corporate counterpart, Hyundai, it does offer among the finest limited and powertrain plans in the industry.

Luckily, the Niro EV’s steering feels natural, but the cornering grip is measurably lower than some rivals.
It’s an easy task to drive, because of a sensible scale and good visibility.
It rides well, cloaking the weight of the battery with well-tuned suspension and deft steering.
Inside, you can find well laid-out switches and infotainment screens that don’t bamboozle with unnecessary complexity.
It’s also very well equipped, with heated and cooled seats in order to avoid utilizing the battery-draining aircon, and the capability to power electrical devices like floor cleaners and laptops from the primary battery.
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Interior Color

The all-electric subcompact SUV also has a snazzier interior that includes distinctive styling and digitized instruments.
Kia touts the extensive use of recycled materials inside, too.
The brand new Niro EV features a 201-hp electric motor feeding leading wheels.
Although that’s a higher horsepower number than the Niro hybrid models , the EV’s acceleration feels far milder.
A 64.8-kWh battery offers up to 253 miles of range and Kia claims it can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in about 45 minutes when linked to a DC fast charger.
Dual 10.25-inch instrument cluster and infotainment display.
Ideally positioned to emphasise its minimalist design, the cockpit features a dual display for all you driving information, connectivity and entertainment needs.

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Some customers may prefer that “intelligent” choice over the “emotional” draw of the EV6, at the very least in the manner Kia frames it.
Kia calls the Niro its “intelligent” EV and its own EV6 the “emotional, halo” EV.
Halo is really a term that typically denotes more exotic, eye-catching models within an automaker’s lineup, intended to increase fascination with the brand even though customers don’t buy that specific vehicle.
These also are generally the more expensive cars in the lineup, though in cases like this, it’s possible to get a far more expensive Niro EV when compared to a base model EV6.
Both trim levels include exactly the same 64.8kWh battery, however the Wave has upgraded headlights, heated mirrors, power sunroof, plus some interior and exterior upgrades.

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The EPA has rated the brand new Niro EV for 126 MPGe city and 101 MPGe highway, that is like the numbers that the Bolt EUV earned but superior to the most efficient Volkswagen ID.4 model.
For more information about the Niro EV’s fuel economy, visit the EPA’s website.

  • And, both of these cars qualify for federal tax credits as well, adding another potential $7,500 to the difference.
  • The Niro EV delivers exhilarating performance because of a 64.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, 201bhp 1-speed Auto, having an electric range of around 285 miles about the same charge.
  • You can obtain more info on the state fuel consumption and official specific CO2 emissions
  • Regardless of the pricey options like the Model Y, you may still find the right affordable options in the electric crossover segment.

We’d stick with the entry-level Wind trim, as upgrading to the Wave model doesn’t bring about any increases in driving range or performance.
Both models have a 201-hp electric motor, front-wheel drive, and a 64.8-kWh battery power.
The Wave then starts at $45,745 and is roughly equivalent to another Niros’ SX Touring trim level.
Thanks to intriguing lighting elements and two-tone body panels, the redesigned 2023 Kia Niro EV is a lot more noticeable on the road than its predecessor.

Niro more than just a futuristic space to operate a vehicle in but also an area for inspiration.
The Niro EV is powered by the latest electric motor and 64.8 kWh lithium-ion battery with a range of around 285 miles on a complete charge.
When compared to rest of Kia’s lineup, the Niro EV base model is $1,950 cheaper than the $41,400 EV6 base model, Kia’s newer crossover predicated on its dedicated E-GMP platform.

By not adopting the traditional metrics of premium cars – performance and luxury – Kia is quietly transforming the middle ground.
Kia’s Niro EV is a car for many who firmly believe that four-wheeled transportation should just do its job rather than over-commit to extraneous baggage like ‘brand DNA’, personality, spirit, verve, or what-have-you.
Kia has evolved right into a very straight down the line company, seemingly more committed than ever to unfussy design and easy functionality.

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