Then, you should employ the utility python scripts “” and “” to convert LabelMe annotations to COCO and VOC formats respectively.
LabelMe allows the export of annotated images into multiple popular formats like the Pascal-VOC format and the COCO format for both instance and semantic segmentation for images and videos.
While LabelMe is equipped with a plethora of features like batch processing of images, several available annotation tools, and multiple export formats, it also includes several limitations.

  • It’s written in Python, also it uses Qt for its graphical interface.
  • After that you can use your labeled dataset to train your computer vision model on V7 (yep, it’s easier than you think!).
  • and videos.

you’ll encounter when working with LabelMe.
Solve any video or image labeling task 10x faster sufficient reason for 10x less manual work.
Open Dir to navigate to the image folder that stores all of your image files.
There are several options for installing the Labelme dataset.
Below shows developing the standalone executable on macOS, Linux and Windows.
A data frame with location coordinates for the rectangle marked in ‘Labelme’.
I had exactly the same problem while installing labelme library.

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