Levity: No-code AI workflow automation software.

sign-up and it also supplies a permanently free plan.
Above all, it makes technology more accessible, less expensive, and less daunting.
Examine the effects of the most recent technology with the Tech.eu lens, start to see the details and create powerful strategies.

  • these custom solutions are essential or where it’s not possible to create a vertical.
  • Founded in 2018, the business has an internationally distributed team and is hiring in marketing and engineering.
  • Got a repetitive task that requires more than rule-based automation that standard RPA tools offer?
  • Therefore, data upload and data processing is really a major part we’re building.

Often, it’s stuck in a single or multiple apps rather than structured the right way.
We concentrate on the non-technical individuals who want to solve this type of problems by themselves.
The types of organizations we’re targeting have between 100 and 1,000 full-time employees and are fairly digitized.

Berlin-based Levity Emerges From Stealth To Create No-code Workflow Automation To Anyone

Got a repetitive task that requires more than rule-based automation that standard RPA tools offer?
Try Levity out for free and see within a few minutes what cognitive automation is with the capacity of.
 Annotation Services Access a worldwide marketplace of 400+ vetted annotation service teams. Project and Quality Management Manage the performance of projects, annotators, and annotation QAs.
 Annotation Software Create top-quality training data across all data types.

was no easy export or integration functionality.
While no-code web development has been around for decades (think blogger.com of the late 90s), no-code AI will be a lot more recent.
As the amount of low-to-no code AI tools grows, it’s worth understanding the landscape as not all solutions are created equal, and it can still be very difficult for non-technical folk to build and deploy AI.
Levity AI automates processes and helps you save time, money, and even energy.
You need to use Levity AI to automate repetitive processes, improve customer service, or create home based business opportunities.


While the tedious hiring process, you can automate most of your repetitive tasks.
For example, automatically verify if documents are signed and contain all the input you need.
What isn’t dependent on anything is integrating more deeply, not just with the info sources but additionally with workflow integration and automation parts and that’s where we want to improve Levity.
For instance, we’ve a person in the hearing aids space plus they get PDF scans of hearing test outcomes.
You can’t really offer them something off-the-shelf and say, “You can just plug this in.” Instead, they’ll need to build something custom on their own data.
To be able to replace us with other software, many customers would need to combine a variety of tools that all of them have and go very deep into their problem space.

  • Add your custom data to help expand tailor the AI to your unique needs and only stay in the loop for difficult cases, so the AI can learn along the way.
  • Polish startup Synerise supplies a no-code interface for businesses to automate their data processes by making use of AI.

That is why many companies are embracing chatbots to take care of simple tasks

Machine Learning In A Snowflake Data Warehouse? Yes!

GetApp offers free software discovery and selection resources for professionals like you.
Our service is free because software vendors pay us when they generate website traffic and sales leads from GetApp users.
The self-service, no-code platform also uses AI to supply explanations in specific areas of interest, tapping a query engine that accesses data where it’s stored.
To use Kinetix, users provide any video, which gets changed into 3D animated avatars.

and the proper tool for you depends on your organization needs.
We’ve explored tools that range between just a few dollars per month, to enterprise platforms that cost six-figures per year.
By gaining clarity on why you want to use AI, you can get the right tool for you.
Machine learning is used to find the needle in the haystack with regards to security data.

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