LEVO oil: Home infusion company. It sells kitchen appliances which add herbal flavors to butters and oils.

Believing these processes should be simple and straightforward, Bellman spent half a decade developing the revolutionary device that became known as LEVO.
Cleaning your device can be simple and hassle-free.
After you’ve completed your infusions, all you have to accomplish is wash the device’s main parts with a bit of soap and water or toss them in the dishwasher.
And yes, I have nut sacks (ooops, nut mild sacks….I’ve the other also…love juvenile humor haha) and cheese cloth, etc.
The Levo was quite clean and neat in comparison to using strainers, squeezing cheese cloth, and the like.

The capacity is up to 2 cups of produced infused oil, so if you’re thinking about selling some, this machine could be too small for that purpose.
In addition, it takes typically 6 hours to create 2 cups of infused oil, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about buying this product for business.

Contextual Preferences are clickable links or buttons that are designed to convert context into preference.
In other words, if you are looking at a category of products, a Contextual Preference provides a solution to add this to your profile for immediate and future personalization.
In cases like this, LEVO is requesting preferences around recipe types (dessert, vegan, dinner, drinks, etc.) in order to make more relevant product recommendations.
The Levo Oil app is becoming mostly an eCommerce store for Levo products, also it includes recipes and a dosage calculator, that is useful.
There’s a Levo loyalty rewards tab where you earn points for buying products, referring friends, or following their brand on Instagram.
It’s all brand marketing, but not functional for consumers.
I don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but I could just as easily press the button on these devices.

Levo Oil Doubles Engagement

Place loose herbs in the Power Pod, and dry your fresh herbs.
It takes about 2 hours for fresh herbs to become completely dehydrated.
Once the drying process is done, press the activation setting, with this particular process taking about half an hour.
The device could be linked to the LEVO app via Bluetooth, and you could remotely control the machine as it dries, activates, or infuses herbs.
The app also provides temperate recommendations, in addition to alerts when each setting is completed.
You can make your very own herbal oil and utilize it on baked goods, dishes, salads, even cosmetics.

By drying fresh herbs, activating the herbs, then infusing them with a carrier oil or butter, you might have your very own custom herbal infusion which you can use on just about anything.
You need to use the oil on the meals, cosmetics, salads, and also make your very own infused butter.
Making infused oils is a process of transferring flavour and scent right into a carrier oil.
Together with making scent oils for use in aromatherapy, massage oils and making beauty products like soaps and lotions.
It’s quicker and easier than ever before to make your personal flavor-infused oil and butter, thanks to Levo.
Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the Levo infuser is really a beautifully-designed device that’ll look totally sleek on your counter.
Home extractors and infusion machines can produce better results as they make you in control of the potencies of your fresh organic personal products.

This Diy Infuser Is My Favorite Way To Extend The Life Span Of Fresh Herbs

This was a personal decision of mine, but I highly recommend talking to your physician before considering replacing any occasional or regular medication with infusions or extractions.
A well-proven machine costs between $150 and $250, based on your needs and the accessories that you might want to invest in.
Most accessories are optional, but a good basic group of silicone cookware utensils may cost another $100.
Shop your preferred products and we’ll find a very good deal with an individual click.
The Otto’s patented AI milling system analyzes your weed and automatically adjusts the direction, speed and pressure of its precision blades to generate the perfect grind each and every time.
Then it drops the grinds into a cone loader for an ideal roll-up.
Use the Levo to make herb butters, floral oils for soap and any number of THC confections to cure what ails you.

  • I also take advantage of the fresh ingredients available at the local farmer’s markets.
  • It has a few stickers on the facade (which I didn’t enjoy peeling off, but a little bit of Goo-Gone residue remover helped).
  • The G Pen is engineered with a patented clean air intake alongside convection and conduction dual heater technology.

I always start out with me, my friends, and my family’s gardens.
I take advantage of vegetables, herbs, and fruits, for many of my edible, medicinal, topical extractions, and salves.
I take advantage of certain plants like aloe, and

She thought about making it after witnessing her friends make an effort to do manual infusing at their kitchen, which involved hours and hours of learning from your errors and a whole lot of mess.
LEVO can be an innovative company that seeks to supply the easiest way to infuse herbs and cannabis for your very own custom-made herbal oils at home.

Whether you’re making pot brownies or space cakes, the process usually starts with a cannabis-infused butter or oil, since cannabis must bind with molecules in order for its effects to be felt.
This process can be done easily on the stovetop, but is usually messy, and leaves your kitchen smelling strongly of weed.
Overall, the machine is powerful, efficient and makes homemade herbal infusions easy to do and minus the mess usually occurring when you manually create your personal infused oil from scratch.
The temperature and infusion time depend on what you’re infusing, whether you use butter or oil, and what type of oil you plan to utilize.

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