Loadsmart: Online shipping management platform facilitating quotes and bookings.

Magaya Supply Chain enables you to exchange information between teams in real time and manage all logistics operations, including freight quotes, customs documents, warehouse receipts, shipments and invoices.
Complex transportation rates, contracts, and quotes can be complicated.
They create silos of data and leave key stakeholders with a big blind spot.
Eurosender is a modern digital platform that connects shippers and logistics companies worldwide.
Our centralized solution suits every logistics requirement, providing usage of the best transporters at discounted rates.

  • The business’s customers include e-commerce platforms, third-party logistics providers, express delivery companies, offline retailers and manufacturers of apparels, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and electronics products.
  • Shipwaves offers the full service of end-to-end logistic for im- and export.
  • Analyzing and comparing historical and real-time freight data, the program recognizes trends within the marketplace before they materialize.
  • organize, and update their load tracking throughout the load cycle.
  • The new API will help Loadsmart distribute its FTL product to a large amount of shippers without relying on human salesforce.

Freight+ Shipping Software can be tailored to your business’s needs, whether you ship a lot more than 10,000 packages each day or 20.
3Gtms provides a unique and innovative Transport Management Suite , for shippers and logistic providers.
3Gtms is able to help you optimize and manage your freight transportation operations, whether or not you’re transporting $5 million or $5Billion.
The perfect solution is includes all areas of transportation, including planning, optimization, execution, settlement and reporting.
Zenventory is a robust yet easy-to-use web-based inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping software.

Microsoft Azure Gold Cloud Platform Partner

Up-front pricing eliminates the time to determine if a freight broker is competitive by lane or for a particular transportation mode.
Portcast is an AI-enabled analytics platform for cargo arrival times.

The connection could be made through an application programming interface and electronic data interchange integrations.

Carrier Sourcing

Their flexible IoT platform provides persistent environmental monitoring and tracking solutions for intermodal cargo containers with no new equipment to get or manage.
One may be the globalized nature of today’s supply chain where various components of a single product are manufactured in various countries, especially in China.
Two is the new regulations like additional protocols, in link with the spread of the virus created delivery bottlenecks and slowed down the movement of goods.

All the mentioned providers offer robust toolsets for both carriers and shippers to help them efficiently manage their daily operations.
This model is really a time and cost saver for delivering freight on a one-time, low-cost basis.
Still, the end result is that digital freight software doesn’t allow for establishing an effective relationship between the shipper and carrier.
So at this time, it can’t fully substitute the conventional solutions at this time.
Carriers, especially less seasoned businesses, often experience hardships finding customers.
On the other side, shippers encounter the challenges of selecting a carrier that meets their budget and time constraints, verifying its reliability, and tracking goods until they reach the receiver.
That’s why freight brokers are an important the main supply chain.

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