He was sworn into office at the height of theGreat Depression and immediately worked to launch a number of programs and projects that had become collectively referred to as the”New Deal.”
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He broke with tradition and flew to Chicago to accept the nomination in person.
Then campaigned energetically calling for government intervention throughout the market to provide relief, recovery, and reform.
His activist approach and personal charm helped to defeat Hoover in November 1932 by seven million votes.
Roosevelt was reelected to the State Senate in 1912, and supported Woodrow Wilson’s candidacy at the Democratic National Convention.

  • Then he caused a special session of Congress during the first “100 days” to pass recovery legislation which create alphabet agencies like the AAA to support farm prices and the CCC to employ young men.
  • In Chicago in 1932, Roosevelt won the nomination because the Democratic Party candidate for president.

The Depression worsened in the months preceding Roosevelt’s inauguration, March 4, 1933.
Factory closings, farm foreclosures, and bank failures increased, while unemployment soared.
Roosevelt faced the greatest crisis in American history since the Civil War.
Then he worked with a particular session of Congress during the first “100 days” to pass recovery legislation which setup alphabet agencies including the AAA to aid farm prices and the CCC to hire young men.
Other agencies assisted business and labor, insured bank deposits, regulated the currency markets, subsidized home and farm mortgage repayments, and aided the unemployed.
But the New Deal measures also involved government directly in regions of social and economic life as never before and led to greatly increased spending and unbalanced budgets which resulted in criticisms of Roosevelt’s programs.
However, the nation-at-large supported Roosevelt, and elected additional Democrats to state legislatures and governorships in the mid-term elections.

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As an incentive for his support, Wilson appointed him Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1913, a position he held until 1920.
He was a lively and efficient administrator, specializing in the business enterprise side of naval administration.
However, popular sentiment against Wilson’s plan for US participation in the League of Nations propelled Republican Warren Harding into the presidency, and Roosevelt returned to private life.
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Federal courts used the judicial review process to declare those programs unconstitutional.
The aim of the New Deal was to stabilize the economy, and over a span of eight years, FDR’s administration expanded the federal government’s role in the economy.
While campaigning, FDR introduced Keynesian economic theory and promised that he would use the authorities to stimulate economic growth to get rid of the Great Depression.

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