maymom: Breast pump accessories company. Tubes, valves and breast shields can be fitted to existing pumps when parts need replacing.

Nene Supply bottle on the right The flanges and valves from Nene Supply certainly are a little different than the Spectra versions but they work just fine.
The threaded the main flanges from Nene certainly are a little bit shorter than Spectra’s.
It is possible to switch between single and double pumping.
Switch to single pumping if you’d like to nurse while pumping another side or while clearing a clogged duct.
Breastmilk Storage – The Ceres Chill is a game-changer for those moms that pump at work or when you are pumping while out of our home and have to store your fresh breastmilk.

Sometimes manufacturers make a mistake, or there are quality control issues.
I understand how important liquid gold would be to moms and babies, so losing some could be devastating, especially if you do not produce a lot of milk.
I would lift my shirt and pull my bra over my breast and put this bra on without taking my shirt off.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced (backpack)

If you can, hold off on buying an electric pump until after your milk supply is more developed.
You might like to try you start with a manual, that may often decrease pain, soften the breast, and ensure it is just a little easier for the baby to latch.
For breastfeeding moms, pumping milk can suck in more ways than one.
In addition to on a regular basis spent strapped to a machine, there’s the endless cleaning, measuring bags of milk, and — for all those pumping at work — carrying heavy equipment on the commute.

It is also very lightweight and ties in a Fanny pack to carry around with me while I pump.
This pump is very well made the parts are all good quality.
I am an exclusive pumper pumping 20min 6 times a day and I could go 2 days without charging it!
Works great with the silicone collection cups too!
For both manual and electric pumps, wash everything that touches breast milk after each pumping session.
We’ve found handwashing with warm soapy water works best—a bottle brush and nipple cleaner will get milk of the many crevices in a pump’s many parts.

Help increase milk production – Should you be struggling with your supply, I would recommend trying Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold.
There is a 2-year warranty on the pump motor and 90 days on the Elvie Stride accessories.
I have had to deal with Elvie’s customer service, plus they have been great.
I’ve reached out to them via email and Instagram message, and both responded within a day.

  • If you’ve been eyeing up the Elvie Pump, but it’s out of your budget ($499), or your insurance doesn’t cover it.
  • The pump doesn’t remember settings between sessions , though that’s a flaw that may be solved with a pencil marking on the dial.
  • I have two
  • available on Elvie’s website and a select amount of retailers.

This backflow protector is equivalent to the one that comes with your Spectra, but the stem is long enough to insert into the Medela flange connector without needing an adaptor.
Yes, we do have options to change the sizing of the Elvie to support a wider range of nipple sizes using readily available silicone flange inserts to take the Elvie Stride right down to a 10 mm flange.
On average, this involves a fit that is 2-4 mm bigger than the size of your nipple when measured BEFORE pumping.
APPROPRIATE FOR WIDE-MOUTH BOTTLES. Compatible with Spectra bottles and Nenesupply wide mouth bottles.
I believe this therapy pack is among the items that helped me to pump over 60 ounces per day and allowed me to donate milk to other babies.

But they’re worth taking into consideration if you need a pumping option that won’t keep you tethered to 1 spot.
Both Willow and Freemie are about twice as expensive because the pumps we recommend in this guide, and neither are widely covered by insurance , but you can purchase them using HSA/FSA funds.
Inside our tests, we found the Medela Sonata shares many of the user-friendly features of the Spectra S1.

Incredible Pump! Just Buy It

Listed below are all of the things that I used when I was pumping on the go.
While in Beijing, I forgot to pack my suction pieces, which led to over eight hours without pumping.

  • I’m a Certified Lactation Counselor® and an experienced exclusive pumper.
  • I just most recently bought the main one linked there and really liked it.
  • Some days I’d wait until the morning before we left to pack, and I usually forgot something.
  • Amelia Cook Fontella is a writer, teacher, designer, and entrepreneur.
  • Sometimes manufacturers make a mistake, or there are quality control issues.
  • Pump directly into storage bags to eliminate some bottle-washing.

The duckbill valve will probably need replacement every 2-4 weeks.
You can utilize the Maymom Freemie Duckbills with this particular pump.
Since I had the Spectra S2, I needed a power outlet, and this suit you perfectly.
I was able to pump in the car while running errands or charge my Spectra S9 breast pump.
You do not want additional moisture within your pump pieces, so take your time and dry everything thoroughly with a paper towel.
Throughout my breastfeeding journey, I did so have a few cases of leakage from one box.

It will attach to any standard size tubing – just take away the tubing connector.
The Pumpables universal breastshield is one piece breastshield that is appropriate for most major brands of breast pumps.
TheLansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric is a popular double electric pump that we researched but decided not to test.

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