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remove nitrogen from methane gas collected from landfill sites, supporting the production of saleable natural gas for multiple applications.
BCCK’s Greg Hall explains how BCCK’s NiTech®Nitrogen Rejection Unit was made to remove nitrogen from methane gas collected from landfill sites, supporting the production of saleable gas for multiple applications.

  • Dual perches on each side enable birds to stand and dine, and a top cable makes it easy to hang.
  • With 50+ years in the field, we have the experience had a need to create
  • Epiphytic growth of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv.
  • Each feeder is crafted by the Amish from lasting, plastic lumber, while their brown and gray
  • hues add a classic look.

Due to the potential impact on climate change, the U.S.

Developmental Haemostasis

Clean Air Act of 1990 required that many large landfill sites install gas collection and control systems, requiring facilities to get the landfill gas they produce.
BCCK provides Archaea Energy, a developer of renewable gas resources, with a 13,700-scfm (388-m3/min.) Style IV NiTech® Nitrogen Rejection Unit .
The convention centre is managed by Borneo Isthmus Development Sdn.
Bhd., that is a Sarawak state-owned company.

Bring unique feeding stations and a different type of food into your bird garden with this Polywood Recycled Plastic Peanut Butter Feeders Package.
These 2 hardy, recycled plastic feeders each sport a gray body and brown roof, and accommodate peanut butter in fun new ways.
The vertical body and narrow roof of the Polywood PLASTIC Double Sided Peanut Butter Feeder form a convenient and compact unit, while circular depressions on the front and back of the item hold 0.9 ounces of peanut butter with ease.
Dual perches on each side enable birds to stand and dine, and a top cable makes it easy to hang.
Further the motif with the included Polywood PLASTIC Peanut Butter Jar Feeder.
A classic, pitched roof, upright panel, and angled slats create this frame, culminating in a generous, brown block.

Once the methane gas is collected and treated, it can be useful for electricity generation or processed into pipeline quality natural gas by detatching various contaminants and components before being sold offsite.
In this manner, landfill gas is transformed into a renewable natural gas resource.
We understand inside our world, one size does not fit all.
This is why finding a highly effective balance between scope of work, time, quality and budget is the highest priority for our project managers.
BCCK’s goal would be to effectively plan, organize and optimize the allocation of resources necessary to meet your project specific objectives.

The protein was designated as BfdR for biofilm formation defective regulator.
BfdR from strain XW19 shares 100% amino acid sequence identity with XAC1284 of X.
Citri strain 306 and % identity with two-component response regulators in a variety of pathogens and environmental microorganisms.
The bfdR mutant strain exhibited significantly decreased biofilm formation on the leaf surfaces of Mexican lime weighed against the wild type strain.
The bfdR mutant was also compromised in its capability to cause canker lesions.
The wild-type phenotype was restored by giving pbfdR in trans in the bfdR mutant.
In conclusion, biofilm formation on leaf surfaces of citrus is essential for canker development in X.

The Integrity Index

The centre’s roof is shaped in the form of a “ririk” leaf, which in the Iban language refers to the species Phacelophrynium maximum.
“Ririk” grows by the bucket load in Sarawak, and because of its large leaves, it is used by many indigenous tribes for wrapping rice and food.
Conceived and constructed with nature and a green theme in mind, the Centre’s structural designs were inspired by the rainforest trees of Borneo with a roof akin to the native ririk leaf.
Fulfilling both form and function, the building showcases its distinctive interior and exterior architectural features made to deliver BCCK’s business purpose in addition to the Centre’s commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation.

The Index features nominated and vetted companies who embrace our integrity principles.
BCCK has partnered with Kaizen Clean Energy , a leading developer of hydrogen and “Energy as a Service” solutions, to build up pre-engineered solutions for electric vehicle charging, hydrogen fueling and power generation.
Let BCCK’s years of experience help optimize a solution for the project.

Apsth Conference

Located approximately 8 km from the town centre, it aims to organize and attract local and international concerts, events, exhibitions and conventions to Sarawak.
Virulence-related gene expression in Xanthomonas axonopodis pv.citri measured by RT-PCR analysis.
RNA was isolated from cultures of strains TPH2, TPH3 and TPH5 in TSB or XVM2 medium, the latter of which mimics cytoplasmic fluids in planta, at 27°C for 18 hr with shaking at 100 rpm.
RT-PCR was performed with primers specific for rfbC , hrpG , rpfF , katE and rpoD .

It oversees all operational aspects of convention centre.
BCCK is often mistaken because the new office for the Sarawak Convention Bureau .
The SCB functions to attract and bid for conferences and meetings to hawaii of Sarawak that can be hosted in any venue as chosen by the organizers.
The BCCK epitomizes the progressive vision of the Sarawak Government to create socio-economic progress to hawaii through new resources of growth.
From its humble beginning, the BCCK is an exemplar in Malaysia of how a convention venue can rise to become an ambassador to market its second-tier city.
A major element in the design – when viewed from the exterior – is its roof structure.

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