Moderation system: Post-filtering protocol on a website featuring community input.

Set a listing of comma delimited portlet IDs that will bypass the checks initially login (pages like terms of use, update password, password reminder query, etc.).
Modify the house “portlet.add.default.resource.check.whitelist” to whitelist certain portlets from this security check.
Set this property to set the default virtual path for several hot deployed portlets.
See liferay-portlet-app_7_1_0.dtd and the virtual-path element for more info.
Set this property to false in order to avoid receiving

The performance was also constrained by the fact that no comparison corpus for “neutral” passages was given, and instead only examples for the three labels of extreme speech were collected.
However, our datasets are nearer to real world instances of hateful langauge.
Several hate speech detection projects have relied on querying of keywords, while AI4Dignity has sourced the passages from actual discussions online through community intermediaries.


It is possible to always export your order data to .csv format for accounting and spreadsheet tools.
Set up the shipping methods that best fit your organization, and add as many options as you’d like.

  • Tweak – Improve performance on the Settings page when dealing with a large dataset of events.
  • class names that will trigger a complex SQL query to delegate filtering in the database tier.
  • Set the maximum number of organizations, roles, and user groups to display for every user in the user’s administration search container.

problems with NTLM and ajax requests.
The NTLM filter can be used to supply NTLM based single sign on.
The password modified filter can be used to invalidate a user’s simultaneous sessions when their password is changed.
Start to see the property “” to learn more.
See ehcache.xml to change the cache expiration time and energy to live.
The auto login filter processes the classes in the property “auto.login.hooks” to supply auto login functionality.

This sets the default locale of the portal, overriding the properties “user.language” and “” specified in
Omniadmin users must participate in the company with this particular web ID.

The Prospects And Opportunities Of Protein Structure Prediction With Ai

For simple step-by-step directions on how to create the Instagram Feed plugin please refer to our setup guide.
Super simple to setup – Once installed, you may be displaying your Instagram photos within 30 seconds!
I’m over 40 and greatly appreciate the capability to do things like react to tickets, review code, tag commits, etc, from the online interface on my phone.

  • Because the platforms face pressure to take on more responsibility, every choice concerning content moderation they make puts them in a bind.
  • The commenting system includes content moderation, community management, bulk comment management, reader feedback to flag spam or trolls, powerful abuse filters, and customizable settings, like automatically disabling comments following a cut-off date.
  • Specify whether to recycle the address on the server and client socket peers and on the temporary server socket channel.
  • This dialogue was facilitated by academic researchers with regional expertise and a team of student researchers who took down notes, raised questions, displayed the datasets for discussion and transcribed the discussions.
  • Set the name of the display style which will be utilized by default.
  • Have a look at our new user primer for help with settings and features.

While this may develop in many various ways, one fairly straightforward method is that end users would simply build their very own “data stores” via apps they control.
Since it is unlikely that we’d move back again to a world where most people will be storing data locally , it could still make sense to host this data in the cloud, but the data could remain entirely under the control of the end user.
Setting this timeout level ensures that the portal will eventually release the lock so that a fresh thread can acquire the lock.
Usually do not set this property to a little value because it may expire a legitimate lock held by another thread that it falsely assumed to become a lock that is from the corrupt database.
You can add a listener for a specific class by setting the property “value.object.listener” with a summary of comma delimited class names that implement com.liferay.portal.kernel.model.ModelListener.
These classes are pooled and reused and must be thread safe.

Simultaneously, monitoring trigger content could be used as a possible scaling strategy (as we have discussed in the earlier section on “Name-calling as seed expressions”).
This can enable machine learning models that study from repeated speech patterns (in the German dataset, for example, “Ausländer raus,” “Moslems hassen,” “Deutschland zuerst,” Table 5) to flag relevant and shifting catchphrases for human inspection.
However, training data on such trigger phrases need to be constantly updated and reviewed across languages and beyond common English extreme speech expressions, in line with the collaborative process we’ve been arguing for in this paper.
Moreover, the value of iteration is essential for embedding embodied understanding of communities most suffering from extreme speech in to the annotation process, and for making certain categories represent the lived experiences and accretions of power developed over time.

Set this to true to sometimes load JavaScript files listed under the property “Liferay-JS-Resources-Top-Head” and sometimes load those under “Liferay-JS-Resources-Top-Head-Authenticated”.
Set this property to false to always load JavaScript files listed beneath the property “Liferay-JS-Resources-Top-Head-Authenticated” of OSGi bundles’ manifest files.

Where the prepended locale is “zh” rather than the entire locale “zh_CN”, then your full locale returned will be based on the order where the locales appear in the house “locales”.
If “zh_CN” appears before “zh_TW”, then “zh” is a short hand for “zh_TW”.
Set this to true to verify membership policies each and every time the server starts or when a membership policy hook is deployed.
Specify subtypes of roles if you need to be able to seek out roles using your custom criteria.

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