Monobank: Ukrainian mobile-only bank.

We decided to reinforce the engagement and launched several types of remarketing campaigns which performed on Facebook, Instagram.
For each stage, our team has elaborated the most relevant approaches according to the particular goals.
Bizarrely, Dubilet explains that Monobank further owes a big proportion of its initial success to an unlikely source – his pet cat.
The trio left the business when PrivatBank was nationalized in 2016 after sufferinga capital shortfall of $5.65 billion.
They make the complete business work for us, and their improvements are key to your operations.
They’re reliable, honest, and ready to try new things that can help us.
This case shows us that a well-developed useful extra feature can be a strong competitive advantage and help you attract more customers.

Nevertheless, creativity is definitely a good thing, and when you want to stand out, you can include some unique features to your app.
Before we crack on with the look and implementation of a mobile banking app, let’s briefly feel the benefits it can bring.
Monobank is a mobile-only bank in Ukraine, licensed by the Universal Bank of Ukraine.
The mono bank team recently made a straightforward form for foreigners who wish to donate money to support the Ukrainian army in two clicks.
You may make a payment through Apple Pay or by inserting your charge card information .

The Band used a mobile bank project as their first project which eventually with the partnership of Universal Bank became the Monobank.
The Shake-to-pay feature is really a fun solution to complete p2p transfers to people who are nearby.
To transfer, simply shake your smartphone, input value and pick the recipient.
One doesn’t need to know the recipient’s details and even his or her phone number.
All money transfers are certified by Visa, Mastercard, China UnionPay, the FCA, and so are PCI DSS certified.
• Remarketing to users who visited the landing page, but have not installed the app.
Prior to the winter holidays, we launched campaigns with short videos featuring why Monobank is better than other banks in Ukraine.

  • Long queues to pay bills, opening a
  • First, they collected courier employees in customer support, they opened distribution points in shopping centers for individuals who don’t like the idea of waiting for a courier.
  • This matched our case perfectly because the product was unfamiliar to the audience and the long-run objective was to gain loyal clients.
  • You possibly can make a payment through Apple Pay or by inserting your credit card information .

Like all neobanks, Izibank includes a lax tariff policy, offering a far more extended grace period that allows customers to delay short-term loan repayments for up to 62 days.
Monobank launches online acquiring services for websites, mobile applications and online stores.

🎁 Benefits Of Making A Banking App

In the modern finance market, investments and trading are receiving a growing number of popular each day.
By allowing your customers to do it via your app, you enhance the user experience and get some extra points why users should choose you and not other banks.
Analyzing customers’ behavior and making business predictions.
For instance, automatically calculating a customer’s charge card limit predicated on their activity or estimating the volume of new deposits the following month considering your users’ previous data.
And our goal would be to help startup entrepreneurs and companies implement innovations.
Making digital interaction making use of their products and services as simple as possible.

  • Before the winter holidays, we launched campaigns with short videos featuring why Monobank is better than other banks in Ukraine.
  • It’s been opened to get transfers from international partners and contributors in foreign currency and hryvnias.
  • By allowing your visitors to do it via your app, you enhance the user experience and get some extra points why users should choose you and not other banks.
  • To begin with, users must apply through the app, with a bank courier delivering necessary physical applications, verifying identify documents and delivering the lender card.
  • Normally, you need to either have your personal banking license or partner up with a bank that may offer you their infrastructure.

It had to get a credit limit, the opportunity to make payments, loyalty programs.
Izibank also provides 1% cashback on all purchases and 2% cashback every Friday on cafes, clubs and restaurants.

After a year or two, the joint Fintech Band project with Universal Bank called monobank became probably the most recognizable fintech-brands in Ukraine.
The first users of the monobank application vigorously showed off on Facebook with stylish black cards and sets of stickers with branded cats.
Over the year, already 600,000 users have acquired these cards, and the team believes that the initial million of customers isn’t far off.
Installing Vdoma app, self-isolation and additional tests are not required, so long as you show proof of your departure and leave the country within 48 hours.
The project issues credit cards and provides the very best mobile app in the market.
Misha Rogalskiy says that such high adoption rates were achieved because of the fact that 80% of the customers learned about the lender from person to person.
The bank became popular on social media because of the clear UX, its character, the QR-cat, and referral program.

Get The App*

“Unlike “Privat”, most reviews of monobank are superpositive.
But if we screwed up somewhere, I’m sure to check on if this is simply not a system error affecting some other clients.
At the end of your day, I look through all of the posts where I’ve been tagged,” says Dubilet.
According to Sosyedka, down the road, the app could serve as a cash register and would send its users notifications, reminding them to pay taxes or interest on the loan.
With Neobank, entrepreneurs would also be able to give separate access to their accountant, Sosyedka said.
It allows users to help keep and withdraw the amount of money or put savings on deposit accounts with up to 10% per annum.
Today, at least seven digital banks are operating in Ukraine.

An app can cover your corporate clients’ pain points and provide a great fintech treatment for your new ones immediately.
Online banking allows us to do everything with a couple of taps.
A lot of people can’t imagine their lives without online banking — it saves time and requires significantly less effort than regular banks.
The team does not monitor social networks specifically for the keyword, but most of the reviews concerning the product some way sees.

It is enough to save lots of it on your own phone or tablet as a way to always have access to the document and present it to the border control representatives.
Entry in to the country is totally free – no tests, no self-isolation.
However, all foreigners, irrespective of age, including those who are vaccinated, must have an insurance policy that covers the treating coronavirus and is valid for the whole period of stay static in Ukraine.
Trust Alty’s capability to make great products and consider them a part of your team, not only designers who take direction.
If you involve the team in your decision-making process, they have a better idea of your targets, which enables them to tailor the UI and UX to your customers.
People love to simplify everything, however they also send so many complaints regarding auto payments, since they work inappropriately.

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