fungi could possibly be the basis for novel pairings in the microbiome that lead to greater sustainability and immune enhancement’.

It is just a vegan-friendly organic extract that has been certified by CRAEGA .
Hifas da Terra has conducted many studies to back up the efficacy of its products.
In 2019, a clinical trial it conducted found Mico-Rei improved anxiety, stress and insomnia in 100 per cent of participants.

What Should You Search For In An Excellent Quality Medicinal Mushroom Supplement?

Some people elect to process all the starting material through both water and alcohol.
The starting material is strained and pressed before being put into the next solvent.
Others will split the starting material into two batches—processing half in water and half in alcohol.
Yet, regardless of the type of mushroom you are using, the process begins by grinding or chopping the starting material into small pieces.
This improves the efficiency of the extraction process by creating more surface area between your mushrooms and the solvent.

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