Nameplate: A rectangular and metallic plate with a person’s name and occupational title engraved upon it. Often found on doors.

Mutton-fist, an uncomplimentary title for any one having a large and muscular, bony, or coarse hand.
The term,”—a phrase which implies to all or any hearers that the problem to which it refers must remain secret.
Mug-up, to paint one’s face, or dress specially with a view to impersonation.—Theatrical.To “cram” for an examination.—Army.
Mud-crusher, a word of contempt, used by the cavalry in reference to the infantry.
The original name of the “Neckinger” in Bermondsey was “the Devil’s Neck-handkerchief.” There’s still a Neckinger Road and Messrs. Bevington and Sons’ tannery in Bermondsey bears the name of the Neckinger Mills.
M.P., member of the police, among the slang titles of the Force.

  • Gas-fired heating systems supplying heat exclusively for vaporization purposes shall be built with automatic safety devices to shut down the flow of gas to main burners, if the pilot light should fail.
  • A mild kind of lunatic is also said to be “off his head,” this means of course exactly the same because the first phrase.
  • In his Güell Pavilions (1884–1887) and
  • In the usa, furniture design was more regularly inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, or by historic American models, than by the Art Nouveau.
  • The Belgian designer Gustave Serrurier-Bovy added more decoration, applying brass strips in curving forms.

Also, Magnus Schjerfbeck, brother of Helene Schjerfbeck, made tuberculosis sanatorium known as Nummela Sanatorium in 1903 utilizing the Jugendstil style.
Besides the dominating presence of Gaudí, Lluís Domènech i Montaner also used Art Nouveau in Barcelona in buildings like the Castell dels Tres Dragons , Casa Lleó Morera, Palau de la Música Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau (1901–1930).
Both latter buildings have been listed by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.
Liberty style architecture varied greatly, and often followed historical styles, particularly the Baroque.
Facades were often drenched with decoration and sculpture.

Pulsera Personalizable, Pulsera De Plata Grabada, Pulsera Estampada Personalizada, Pulsera De Comunión, Pulsera Para Niña

This word is quite generally found in commercial transactions around the globe.
Mufti, the civilian dress of a naval or military officer when off duty.—Anglo-Indian.From an Eastern word signifying a clergyman or priest.
A profession—that is, they buy jewellery which, though fairly good, is not so good as it seems, and pawn it as opportunity occurs.
Mesopotamia, a name directed at Eaton Square and neighbourhood when first built.

  • A plastic-type material with greater impact strength than acrylic.
  • Examples of trade names for polycarbonate include Makrolon and Lexan.
  • Coppernose, a nose that is supposed to show a partiality on its owner’s part for strong drink.
  • The figures depicted are of Johannes Gutenberg and William Morris, both eminent in the field of printing.

“Hard Punchers” are caps worn by London roughs and formerly by men in training.
They are an adjustment of the common Scotch cap, and also have peaks.
From this term, much used among the London lower orders, but for which no etymology are available, Ireland is now and then playfully called Barkshire.
Bantling, a kid; stated in Bacchus and Venus, 1737, and by Grose, to be a cant term.
That is hardly slang now-a-days, and modern etymologists give its origin as that of bands or swaddling clothes.

He invented a specifically American selection of Art Nouveau, declaring that decorative forms should oscillate, surge, mix and derive without end.
He created works of great precision which sometimes combined Gothic with Art Nouveau themes.
Crematorium (1908–1910), interior, with stylized fir tree design on ceiling.
The symbolist murals by L’Epplattenier were added later.
Several art colonies in Russia in this period were built in the Russian Revival style.

Vaporizers shall be given suitable automatic means to prevent liquid passing through the vaporizers to the gas discharge piping.
Vaporizers shall have, at or close to the discharge, a safety relief valve providing a highly effective rate of discharge in accordance with paragraph of this section, except as provided in paragraph , of this section.

Name Plate Accessories

For instance, if yellow appears more dominant in an orange-colored ink, then that color orange will be thought to have a yellowish hue.
Hue is probably the three attributes of color along with brightness and saturation.
A process of applying color to fabric whereby a pigmented resin is activated by heat and pulled into the fabric with vacuum pressure applicator.

The term cure, as originally applied, was London street slang, and was, as just stated, an abbreviation of curiosity, or, more correctly, of curious or queer fellow.
Of late years it has, however, been used to denote a funny, humorous person, who is able to give and receive chaff.
Costermonger, a street seller of fish, fruit, vegetables, poultry, &c.

Old or Old English, affixed to a word, signifies that it was generally use as a proper expression in or previous to the reign of Charles II. Old Cant indicates that the word was in use as a Cant word during or before the same reign.
If loading and unloading are usually done during apart from hours of sunlight, adequate lights will be provided to illuminate storage containers, control valves, and other equipment.
Design pressure and classification of storage containers.
Storage containers shall be designed and classified relative to Table H-31.
When heaters are linked to containers for use

The cost of this license plate is along with vehicle registration fees and taxes.
A term derived from the Record newspaper, the exponent of this singular section of the reduced, or so-called Evangelical Church.
This term, with one literal downrightness, which may be remarkable in virtually any other people than the French, is translated by them as the sect of Trembleurs.
Originally published as some Essays, entitled the Druid, which appeared in a periodical in 1761.

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