No matter your hardware requirements, the same innovative software and simple interface give you the power to run infrastructure efficiently at the edge.
Eliminate mundane management tasks and save the precious time of IT administrators.
The simplicity of SC//Platform directly impacts IT with higher productivity and lower costs.

  • SolusIO provides a group of powerful virtualization technologies with support for hypervisor and container-based virtualization.
  • Select the underlying processors – AMD, Ampere (Arm-based), or Intel – that best meet your requirements.

Things that used to take days as well as weeks can now be achieved with just a couple of clicks and also complex network configurations become easy to manage.
Paperspace is used by one of the most advanced organizations in the world.
Turbonomic AI-powered Application Resource Management simultaneously optimizes performance, compliance, and cost instantly.

Your cloud on steroids, automation tools for you personally and your clients.
Auto failover & self-healing technology, easily launch the platform and add new infrastructure.

Designed for efficiency and optimized for performance, Oracle’s server virtualization products support x86 and SPARC architectures and a variety of workloads such as Linux, Windows and Oracle Solaris.
Along with solutions that are hypervisor-based, Oracle also offers virtualization built-in to hardware and Oracle operating systems to deliver probably the most complete and optimized solution for your entire computing environment.
It automates Linux server and IoT device provisioning, patching and configuration for faster, consistent and repeatable server deployment helping to optimize operations and reduce costs.
SC//Platform brings faster time to value in the data center, in the distributed enterprise, and at the edge.
Scale Computing Platform brings simplicity, high availability and scalability together, replacing the prevailing infrastructure and providing high availability for running VMs in one, easy-to-manage platform.

Kasm isn’t just a service, it is just a highly configurable platform, with a robust developer API which might be customized for the use-case, at any scale.

Software manages the complete application stack, automatically.
Applications are continually resourced to perform while satisfying business constraints.
Migrate your business- and mission-critical workloads to Azure infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.
Run SQL Server, SAP, Oracle® software and high-performance computing applications on Azure Virtual Machines.
Deploy virtual machines featuring up to 416 vCPUs and 12 TB of memory.

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