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Recruitment is really a strategic function that directly impacts your organization.
Identifying the proper candidate for the organization could make your operation flourish, while a negative hire could be expensive.
That’s why we have been extremely keen our top candidates – highlighted for leading

design, usability, and accessibility tend to be more crucial than ever, especially within an increasingly competitive industry.
Nexer are also working with the recruitment and education partnerLove Circularto help develop user experience design talent and support their graduate community into employment.
Nexer Digital is really a leading human-centred design and development agency that designs services and products that help visitors to live and are better.
It’s Day 3 of #MDSkillsFest and today it’s our flagship event, Talent Day – the biggest digital and tech careers fair in the North.
We’ll be joined by 1,600 students, graduates, jobseekers and career changers who’ll get the chance to talk to 40 of the region’s leading digital and tech businesses at etc.venues Manchester.
You will see career opportunities in software development, data, cyber security, design, project management, digital marketing, UX plus much more.
Plus seminars led by sponsors Auto Trader UK, Atkins, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, Raytheon UK and GlobalLogic UK&I, plus our CV Clinic.

We use clients ranging from small specialist companies to some of the biggest ones in the world.
We’ve introduced agile methodologies at many of our clients, and of course practice what we preach.
Human-centred research, design and development that puts people in the centre of our method of deliver better products to a happier audience.

that putting people in the centre of our approach delivers better products to a happier audience.
Creating high-quality digital products by combining creativity, design and development are what we do.
We concentrate on running long term projects that deliver measurable business value for the customers we choose to work with.
We incorporate ‘design thinking’ and ‘data thinking’ into everything we do.
As a cloud developer at Devoteam, you have experience and knowledge of how exactly to design APIs and technical architecture and also have the skill required to implement them efficiently with or without the utilization of frameworks.
You are an advocate for creating the best solution, not the easiest.

Inclusive Healthcare – Making Online Services And Digital Tools Accessible To All

Harness your computer data and generate insights to support your business, its growth, goals, and initiatives.
Through competency-based recruitment, we ensure quality in the process.
We carefully listen to your needs and be sure to carry out a competent and professional process for everybody involved – naturally including full discretion.

Powered by industry-leading technology, strategic partnerships and continuous innovation, we create the tools and strategies had a need to fully take advantage of tomorrows commercial landscape.
The team believes strongly in developing long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships using its customers, with key clients including mental health charity Mind, NHS Digital and the Department for Education.
And are staffed with some of the north west’s best researches, designers and software developers.
The business has long-term partnerships with market-leading platform providers such as for example Microsoft, IBM, Stibo among others.

Nexer Recruit Nominated In Three Categories At Recruitment Awards 2021

You love working alongside other developers, designers and data scientists in teams where you get to contribute with your expertise.
You are passionate about learning and testing new technologies, as well as comfortable and experienced working with agile development.
We work together with our clients to design services and digital products that help people to live and work better.
Based in Macclesfield and Cambridge, we benefit from being section of the Nexer Group – a 4,000-strong company head-quartered in Sweden with 13 office locations around the globe.
We are area of the Sigma group, a 4000-strong IT services company based in Sweden and with offices across the world.
As a developer, we expect one to take shared ownership and responsibility of guiding the team in the development process to solve the right problems correctly.

positions – are the perfect fit for your business.
The accelerating digitalisation means that everything is in constant change.
A leader who’s innovative and drives your business in the right direction?
We support you in securing business-critical roles that strongly contribute your company’s success, today and tomorrow.
Managing director, Hilary Stephenson, told Macclesfield Nub News that certain way the agency is marking the milestone is by investing in an inclusive hiring and support plan for the coming years, that will support ongoing growth.
We’ve updated our privacy policy so that we are compliant with changing global privacy regulations also to give you insight in to the limited ways that we use your data.
The company is a portion of the Danir group, a Swedish privately held company with 12,000 employees in 18 countries.

  • make sure that you reach the proper people.
  • The word interim comes from Latin and means” temporary” or” meanwhile”.
  • Together with us, we are able to alter and adapt everything from staff, infrastructure and communication to improve your customers’ Experience.
  • We carefully listen to your needs and be sure to carry out an efficient and professional process for everybody involved – naturally including full discretion.
  • Established in 2007, Nexer Digital is a leading human-centred design and development agency that designs products and services that help visitors to live and work better.

Nexer Group has completed the initial phase of a joint digital twins project together with Microsoft, NCC, and Scharc.
Based on the organisation, the completion of the initial stage took place regarding the the construction of the new Sigfridsborgsskolan in the Nacka municipality of Sweden.
We are part of the Nexer Group, a Swedish strategy, technology and communication company with 1,500 employees, driving tech innovation in 9 countries.
Nexer Group is area of the Danir Group, a Swedish privately held company with nearly 8,000 employees in 16 countries.
Nexer Digital is part of the Nexer Group, a Swedish strategy, technology and communication company with 1,500 employees, driving tech innovation in 9 countries.
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From co-design, content modelling, and branding workshops, to prototype testing, and the on-going, data-driven optimisation of one’s live products.
We partnered with Siteimprove as they understand and complement our commitment to accessibility and the on-going optimisation of our clients products through our service desk.
We are proud to become a Contributing Gold Partner to Umbraco, the open source content management platform which we’ve built over 100 products for some amazing customers.
While every recruitment is essential, an executive recruitment affects the complete organization.

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