One major benefit tothis mop was its ability to lie virtually flat.
If you need to mop under a low hanging furniture piece, the O-Cedar EasyWring could be pushed underneath and used to clean.
The mop isn’t necessarily designed to be turned frequently, but way more to go in straight lines and cover large areas at a time.

Efficiency was solid and exceeded my expectations over the board.
At 2½ gallons, the O-Cedar Quick Wring bucket provides an ideal combination of sufficient volume and manageable weight when filled .
And refilling it with clean water frequently—according to Jolie Kerr, the most important element in thorough mopping and other cleaning tasks—is quick as a result of small size.
The O-Cedar’s mophead includes microfiber fabric strips that are—a key detail—looped.
Instead of being attached to the handle at just one end, like cheap cotton mops, the strips are attached at both ends.
That’s a feature of many commercial mops, and it’s valuable since it keeps the strips from tangling when mopping and washing.

  • EasyWring should be cleaned more regularly than almost every other mops.
  • These 50 useful things are our most-purchased cleaning picks.
  • Lastly, I tested it as a dust mop, first with the mophead dry and lightly dampened with water from the spray bottle.
  • The O-Cedar is an excellent all-around mop and despite its simplicity, are designed for most mopping jobs around the home.
  • It looks like a normal string mop, nonetheless it includes a fancy dual-compartment bucket with a spinning basket using one side.

The mop includes two microfiber cleaning pads, which are easy to attach and remove.
Once I plugged it in, the mop started steaming in 20 seconds.
I want to first explain that I have tried nearly every sort of mop and ended up hating all of them.
And that means the entire kitchen floor is one big, uneven surface that’s difficult to clean.
Nothing seems to clean the grout well — not a regular mop, sponge mop, or microfiber mop.
Plus, I hated dragging two buckets around and the pools of water that took forever to dry.

Think About The Swiffer Sweeper And Wetjet?

These are all connected using one pad, that is wrapped around the cleaning head.
TheO-Cedar EasyWring spin mophas what I’d consider somewhat of a traditional bucket mop design, with a few upgrades.
Clean every space with products that can

The O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop is an inexpensive mop and bucket that offers surprising performance and value.
The material construction of both the mop and bucket are quite good.
The wringing basket spins much faster than expected, offering solid performance.
The O-Cedar is a good all-around mop and despite its simplicity, are designed for most mopping jobs around the home.
One thing a normal mop and bucket cannot do is sanitize floors .
If sanitizing floors is essential and you don’t desire to use a cleaning solution you’ll desire to go with a steam mop.
The heads will make your cleaning job easier, and thanks to the additional heads offered with the O-Cedar mop, this means you will not have to be worried about buying replacement heads right away.

It is ideal for all hard floors without necessity to bend down or get your hands wet.
Its triangular mop head permits cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.
The mop and bucket give you the ability to control the volume of water applied to the floor for easier-wringing and quicker-drying floors.
I attached the handle and the mop check out the tank housing—no tools required.
The mop includes a 200 milliliter cup, that you fill with water and pour in to the tank.
In case you have hard tap water, distilled water is preferred to prevent deposit buildup.

It’s a compact and convenient systemPersonally, I love that the entire mop bucket ties in my drain — and I don’t have an oversized sink by any means — so I can simply fill and empty it.
The microfiber head dries faster than the rope-style mops my mom used to have and, because the handle collapses, it’s compact enough to fit in a tight utility closet.
Our testers universally preferred cloth mops like the O-Cedar to spin, sponge, and flat mops.

O-cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

You can assembleAssembling the mop was so simple I didn’t even need to consult the instructions that was included with it.
I just extended the pole, which starts out about the length of two bananas, and popped on the triangle-shaped head.
The bucket, which holds six liters of water, will come in one piece.
The low price matched with the top notch performance is merely hard to beat.

  • I scrubbed the soda with the mops damp with cold
  • The Mopnado includes a fold-out pull handle that’s so short you will need to bend over halfway and crab-walk by using it.
  • Derek includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University.
  • Last, the hook near the top of the handle lets you hang it for drying and/or storage—and no other mop inside our test has one.

One pass lifted just of the mud we went over.The cleaning head could remove the mud without any issues whatsoever.
ThisO-Cedar spin mophad no issues during our cleaning tests.
Each of these debris types offer a different level of stickiness and consistency, allowing us to test the O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop against a light, heavy, and liquid substance.
All three debris types are spread across our testing lane in three separate sections.
The mop itself hasa durable wand that connects to a cleaning head, which houses the cleaning pad.

There is absolutely no power source, you get from it what you put into the cleaning session.
If the O-Cedar sounds a little too simplistic for you, have a look at theBissell Crosswave.
Maneuverability could have been better with this mop, but thetriangular shaped head and lightweight designcombined for a well-rounded degree of maneuverability.
This could be done bytaking the bucket to a sink and filling it with the faucet.

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