Offeo: Online video advertisement creation platform providing a range of designer templates.

You can set your “brands presets” and it will override the branding material in the template. While on the workflow you can also choose whether you want to use brand colors, template colors or custom colors.

If your brand is already popular on social media, followers will love getting to know what your office looks like, how people work, the company culture and more. Intros and outros are important parts of the videos you share on YouTube, social media or those TVs in the waiting area of your office. Your intro should be all about the video’s title, but you can also add your logo and website URL for brand awareness. Promo ads are short promotional videos that can be used for advertising campaigns with Google or Mediavine, or placed on websites or related industries to yours.

Social Media Planning

As a result, you can use any type of music without hassle to make your video content more user-friendly and fantastic. All you have to do is choose a design from the template gallery, and you can easily customize it with this editor as you like. On the other hand, irrelevant designs that don’t fit your brand negatively interact with your audiences.

Offeo is the best choice for every user who manages different businesses like marketers and marketing agencies. Also, you can use Offeo, if you manage your own business. It comes with huge media assets , music assets, and animated graphics to create unique promotional videos in a few minutes and also, get customer support. Offeo allows you to easily create personalized content like short promotional videos for all social media platforms, like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. This can help you expand your audience and reach a larger group. Creating ads that are supported and promoted by the algorithm of social media apps can be a great way to reach more people.

Basic Features

Better video ads is a forever-free tool that allows you to turn your Shopify existing products into stunning video ads for free. You can explore pre-made templates and customize your product video ads easily. Better Video Ads has a dozen of templates, all of them are customizable with no need for design skills.

Invideo online editor lets you search and choose media without leaving the software. Interestingly, the media is copyrighted free and you always have an option if you want to use copyrighted content or not. You can try it for free or purchase an individual or a business plan, both of which are quite affordable.

  • Simplified is the best overall online AI content writer, AI article writer, AI essay writer, AI caption writer, and more.
  • You can download and install the Offeo app easily on your desktop or Mac.
  • Many people create animated videos and struggle with voice-overs.
  • Other than the YouTube channel, they have atutorial pageon their website with all the essential tutorial videos to start using the software.
  • You can get access to thousands of fonts, stock photos, clip-arts, custom animations, and much more.

If you want to tap into premium features like custom animations or a wider variety of stock footage, you’ll need to pay for a higher plan. If you’re looking for an innovative way to promote your brand, try an FAQ video. Use real questions asked on social media, via customer support channels or during events.

Here is where you upload custom images, sounds and videos ready to embed into your video project. Perfect for uploading products to create a product video, uploading a company theme song for a short ad and more.

So, make sure you are organized and let the freelancers know what you expect of them. Listicle videos are much like listicle blog posts, where the content is a list of related items or tips. Choose a list that makes sense with your brand and will genuinely help your audience. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat collectively get billions of views on video content on a daily basis. And on YouTube alone, viewers spend more than a billion hours watching videos every day.

There are a collection of images, videos and patterns here to really get your creative juices flowing. If these aren’t for you, you can always upload your own or stick with a solid background colour. The overlays sub-section of the graphics section features several transitional templates, including glass smashing, curtains opening and many more. This grants you access to the Offeo library of graphics , overlays and effects to take your video to the next level.

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