OWB Holster: Firearm holster that is “outside the waistband”.

Carry preferences include Vertical, Horizontal, Cross-Draw, and Inside-the-Waistband positions.
With the 2WH, it is possible to position your firearm vertically between your back for perfect concealment or carry openly using the adjustable belt clip.

This OWB Kydex holster also features a cut-down lead edge for a smooth, fast draw.
There are several forms of holsters to choose from in the world of OWB.
Outside waistband concealed carry holsters are crafted with clips, loops, or slits that enable you to attach the holster to your belt from outside your waistband.
Some of the most common designs you’ll come across are the pancake, paddle, and belt slide-style holsters.
Along with our hand-formed Kydex design, our open carry holsters could be setup in 12 different carry positions.

The paddle design is secure and keeps the holster in place while you are carrying it.
The Concealment Express OWB paddle holster is one of the best OWB kydex holsters on the market today.
If you’re searching for another the waistband holster that’s lightweight, durable, and versatile, the Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX Holster may be just what you need.
Concealment – You should look at how much concealment you will need.
If you’re after a holster to utilize for open carry, then concealment is not as important.
However, to be able to use the holster for concealed carry, you then will want to choose a holster that offers good concealment options and is as low profile as you possibly can.
As a man who reviews guns, the universal design of the Stealth Operator was instantly appealing.

  • The further back the gun is carried, the larger the tilt should be, to enable smooth gun draw.

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