ownat: Fresh meat pet food manufacturer.

Yes, the percentage amounts could be equal but it’s how you get to the protein level that may differentiate.
Stay with us, and hopefully by the time you’re finished reading, you will be better equipped to sift through the noise out there.
We’ll help you find the food that is right for your pet even though it isn’t our own.
Selecting the right food for your pet can be challenging.
Explore the depth of New Zealand ocean, where the best variety of king salmon is harvested.

This ensures that your products are always our priority.
The fact that we have clients in all EUROPE, Russia, China, Japan and US proves that formula works universally.
The Belgian family business has 20 years of experience available for your house brand.

You love your pet, and you want them healthy and happy.
But did you know that most dog foods contain grains and other ingredients that aren’t healthy for dogs?

Real Pet Food,fresh From The Fridge

Carnivore Meat Company provides dogs and cats the chance to lead long, vibrant, healthy lives; exactly what they deserve.
We do that by manufacturing premium-quality, raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food and treats.
Our products are U.S.A. made and packaged inside our own Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility that is GFSI and EU certified.

  • A 4kg bag of Ownat Classic Daily Care cost $12.07 at the web site Miscota.com.
  • However, years ago his dogs started having health issues.
  • All states apart from Alaska and Nevada established commercial feed laws.
  • Leave chemical additives out of your puppy dog food bowl once and for all.
  • BJ’s is founded on dog owners access quality raw dog foods.

While they have evolved socially to live with humans, their short and acidic digestive tracts are adept at digesting raw meat, bone and organs.
Proudi® is formulated as a biologically appropriate diet, mimicking the intake of whole prey in the wild.

​​how Can You Order Ownat Cat Food?

In his quest to get the best possible ingredients, he journeyed to New Zealand, one of many world’s cleanest places to create pet food.
For 16 years, Zack thrived on our delicious and wholesome food, enjoying life just how a dog deserves.
Wholesome hand-picked ingredients deliver a good amount of naturally-derived nutrients that dogs want to bits.
Promotes a lustrous fur coat, supple skin, while adding to your little companion’s gut and eye health.
When you freeze dry dog food, it’s considered a low-temperature dehydration process.

Ownat has previously been known for his or her dry foods .
In the quality control laboratory the business performs quality control checks from the time recycleables are delivered

Excelling in taste, freeze-dried dog food may be used as a complete meal for fussy eaters, or as a tasty topper for several dogs to add some variety with their meals.
Free-dry processing is a common type of water removal process that is used to preserve whole foods .
This is a three-step process where a formulated food is first frozen and then subjected to vacuum pressure because the temperature increases slightly.
The procedure causes the frozen water in the food to sublimate, meaning that it turns from ice to vapor in a single step.
Of all the food processing methods used to make pet foods, freeze-drying offers the lowest amount of moisture in the food – normally, less than 5%.

#2 Ownat Grain-free Prime Hair & Skin Cat Food Review

Large manufacturers, internet “experts”, trade associations and also the regulatory system itself are all selfishly intermingled to the stage where only the profit-minded thrive.
Freeze-drying is the PAWrfect way to gently lock in all the original goodness, flavors, and nourishing qualities of fresh chicken meat, fruits, and veggies.

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