PatientPop: Web-based growth company assisting healthcare practices with an all-in-one platform.

With Tebra, joint customers use PatientPop and Kareo together, powered by a deep, seamless product integration.
Both companies also remain focused on supporting and expanding integrations with EHR and practice management partners and other third-party healthcare technology products.
Meditab is a leading software solutions provider that develops technology to address all areas of the healthcare industry.
The company’s award-winning electronic health records platform, Intelligent Medical Software , combines EHR, practice management, billing, mobile apps, and office management into one cohesive system.
Founded in 2000 in Louisville, Colorado, GHX is a software-as-a-service company that’s reducing the cost of conducting business in healthcare by automating supply chain processes and improving visibility in to the products found in patient care.
Today, the company is expanding its solutions to further enhance data management and invite integration of clinical and business systems.

The company premiered in 2007 and is currently listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange.
With already a big global footprint—its laboratories consist of more than 80,000 square meters

Practice Owner Robert Bowers, MD, is really a double board-certified, fellowship-trained anesthesiology and pain medicine physician.
Dr. Bowers provides patient-focused treatment plans to address back pain, pain, and other chronic pain issues.
He also provides ketamine infusions for chronic pain and depression and Spravato for depression.
He considers all areas of a patient’s health and wellness before creating individualized treatment programs designed to address the underlying cause of pain rather than merely masking the outward symptoms.
Dr. Bowers is committed to delivering the best possible treatment options to his patients.
Telehealth also has its advantages in patient convenience and time-savings, especially during COVID.

  • Life sciences technology pioneer Axtria was created to harness the best in cutting-edge data science and cloud technology and use it to improve health outcomes around the globe.
  • PatientPop can be an industry
  • Throughout that same year, it also added multiple Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and national health plans to its clientele.
  • Big Health’s mission is to help millions back again to good mental health by providing safe and effective digital mental health treatments for the most frequent mental health issues, including insomnia and anxiety.

Founded in 2004, Health Prime is a practice optimization company that serves as a strategic partner for value-based care organizations in today’s modern consumer healthcare marketplace.
Developed by physicians for physicians, Health Prime’s transformative technology solutions and services optimize everyday medical practices, improve profitability, increase patient and provider satisfaction, and manage value-based care.
Vizzia Technologies is really a software and managed company of real-time location systems and advanced process improvement solutions for healthcare organizations.
Its award-winning InVIEW℠ software platform provides real-time, actionable data and process visibility to boost enterprise efficiencies and patient care for leading health systems, hospitals, and clinics.
A lot more than 130 health systems and around 500 hospitals across 42 states rely on iQueue to increase patient access, decrease wait times, reduce healthcare delivery costs, and improve revenue.

Currently, Sedera has more than 100 employees and is growing each year.
In October 2021, the company announced a partnership with GigSmart, the present day staffing company connecting businesses looking for labor with available workers.
By partnering with Sedera, GigSmart’s 400,000 users have significantly more freedom of choice to gain access to, pay for, and manage their healthcare.
Founded in 2005, BioIQ has undergone several significant changes over the years.
Formerly located in Santa Barbara, California, in 2019, it moved its headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia.

Now practices have significantly more flexibility with their online booking calendars and can customize their settings to match their needs.
Practices can customize available appointment types predicated on a default list of popular services within their distinct specialty and also have more options of schedules for multiple providers, locations, and appointment reasons.
Our recent merger with industry leader, Kareo, this is a clear example of our ongoing commitment to the success of healthcare practices.

  • We see Practice Growth as a new category of technology serving healthcare practices.
  • We built automated workflows around every critical process, and have well-defined goals at both individual contributor and aggregate levels which are monitored and reported in Salesforce.
  • Healthcare practices are unique businesses, plus they have very specialized needs with regards to digital marketing and growth management.

This year saw an expansion of the company’s customer network, and ongoing research on the effective treatment of lupus; Exagen’s Avise Lupus was demonstrated in a July 2022 study to show overwhelming utility compared to other medications for the chronic disease.
Seven Bridges enables researchers to extract meaningful insights from genomic and phenotypic data in order to advance precision medicine.
The Seven Bridges Ecosystem consists of a compliant analytic platform, intelligently curated content, transformative algorithms, unprecedented usage of federated data sets, and expert on-demand professional services.
In the last 20+ years, Meditab’s technology capabilities have expanded to mobile functionality, telemedicine, and a suite of EHR-integrated office management tools called the Electronic Medical Office .
Meditab continually works to achieve innovation, convenience, and efficiency to be able to help Providers stay at the forefront of their patient care.
Located in Mölndal, Sweden, Wellspect is definitely raising the bar for the development and manufacture of personal medical equipment trusted by users around the globe.
It had been established as a hospital wholesaler business called AB Sjukvårdsutensilier in 1948, and

“With enhanced technology enabling each step of the patient experience, practices can attract more patients and stay connected in ways that foster an eternity of care,” said Samani.
“Less front-office work also makes life easier for staff and provides management greater control over resources. The platform keeps practices nimble when conditions change or crises arise, as we’ve seen in 2020 and 2021.”

In turn, website SEO, content, analytics, management, etc are manufactured with little to no effort.
PatientPop in Santa Monica supplies a medical office growth management platform, featuring patient management features , marketing automation and website, along with other growth oriented features.

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