Pdftron: Software company providing developer tools for enterprise PDF software.

Agrello’s mission would be to help companies digitize their contract processes.
A crucial facet of digitization is the reliability and trustworthiness of digital systems.
For people coping with legal documents, the correctness of the output format can be an important part of a reliable and trustworthy digital solution.
They expect the document created in Microsoft Word to check exactly the same in the signed PDF format.
And although it appears trivial, converting Word to PDF is actually quite a difficult process when online conversions enter into play.
However, right now, companies that want to use PDF for document exchange must overcome many hurdles that stand in the form of developers.
At Agrello, we started with PDF-based document previews using open source libraries, but soon discovered that in many cases the conversion produced poor results.

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  • What’s the difference between PDF Conversion SDK and PDFTron SDK?
  • PDFTron SDK supports all major platforms and dozens of unique file types, including PDF, MS Office, and CAD formats.
  • edit, and annotate PDFs.

Download the most recent versions of ActivePDF’s C# PDF SDK products.
Download the most recent versions of ActivePDF’s C# PDF SDK products from the Download center.


Create professionally formatted, smart PDF documents with pdfHTML.
Convert HTML into standards compliant, accessible, and searchable PDFs.
IText DITO 2.3, the most recent version of our collaborative PDF creation solution has just been released.
The investment will be used to aid PDFTron’s significant R&D and product development resources, and to pursue acquisitions in both North America and Europe.
TransPDF TransPDF unlocks the potential of your PDFs, taking your original PDF source, replacing the text with accurate translations from your own preferred tools and providing a superior quality, ready-to-use document.
We engineer software from the simplicity of Infix, our desktop PDF editor, to the power of InfixServer for powering websites and asset management systems that need to manipulate PDF documents, we’ve got your PDF editing & management needs covered!.
Compressor Enterprise answers the call of IT Administrators and Business Application Owners searching for an easy-to-install, cost-effective PDF compression tool to control volumes of large-sized files or integrate within an automated document workflow.

When formats don’t match one-to-one, the SDK neutralizes the differences.
This includes adding cropping, fills, color management and fonts.

You will find an assortment of very sophisticated technologies in all our tools.
We prepared plenty of source code samples and documentation assisting to quickly start working with our products.
Also, our team is ready to fix bugs and issues if you discover any.
PDF Automation Server – PDF Processing Server PDF Automation Server offers a wide variety of PDF processing functions to suit different environments.
PAS can be an essential tool for streamlining your PDF processing, document workflows, and web service orchestration.
It can integrate into existing document workflows and integrate with third-party integration and orchestration tools.

The CB Insights tech market intelligence platform analyzes an incredible number of data points on vendors, products, partnerships, and patents to greatly help your team find their next technology solution.
Seamlessly inject your enterprise document workflows with popular software platforms thanks to capable, low-code APIs and pre-built integrations.
Fast-track your roadmap and add best-in-class PDF and document viewing and editing to your mission-critical applications.
Free evaluation versions of PDF/A Manager Command-Line and SDK versions are available for download.

Any Software

So Spielberg used third-party commercial libraries to plug gaps in functionality that could have taken an excessive amount of time and energy to code from scratch and keep maintaining in-house.
Today, Spielberg’s modern offerings include its Document Management System, ScanFile, now in its ninth generation, alongside its award-winning ECM, FileDirector and FileDirector Express.
Used to capture, classify, transfer, track, exchange, and distribute documents securely, FileDirector lets organizations consolidate internal electronic communications in 200+ file formats on PDF — with an increase of than 7,000 installations worldwide.
PDFTron Systems announced full support for PDF 1.6 in its flagship product, PDFNet SDK.
PDFTron was also found to really have the lowest self-reported likelihood for customers switching in the PDF SDK market.

Docker image with ready-to-go APIs for conversion, file optimization, and compression.
Allows user to customize compliance checks or omit specific changes during the conversion.
2021 at PDFTron in Review 2021 at PDFTron was filled with challenges and innovation.
Read on for a brief history of everything we accomplished, created, and added to our platform to serve you even better this past year.
“All the other vendors are doing good in certain areas, but PDFTron is the only component that people found so far that’s doing good in every areas and the only vendor with the entire vision of integrating PDF into other applications,” Freiburg shared.
Switching to PDFTron WebViewer enabled Spielberg to implement fast and efficient client-side rendering in the browser, with document files served as compact PDF vector information instead of as large bitmaps reducing the burden of network bandwidth.

  • Easily display PDFs on mobile with pdfRender by rendering them as images, or ensure compatibility with archival and legacy workflow requirements.
  • Buyers use our vendor rankings to shortlist companies and drive requests for proposals .
  • Enable the usage of and the processing of text in images, scans and more.
  • Representative investments include ActiveCampaign, Centauri Health Solutions, Digital Map Products, Impact, LifeStance Health, MediQuant, Nordic Consulting Partners, and Validity.

Our goal is not to just come up with some convenient tech stack, but to take a supplementary step to be sure you can trust the process completely.
That’s why, for instance, we use sophisticated digital signature algorithms like elliptic curve encryption to guarantee the authenticity of documents and signatures, and we support qualified electronic signatures.
FPDF is really a solution written in PHP that allows you to generate PDF documents directly from PHP, so you can utilize the PDFlib library.
The F of FPDF means free, to help you use it for any purpose and modify it to your liking to satisfy your needs.
FPDF does not need any extension for PHP and works with PHP5 (≥ 5.1), PHP7 and PHP8.

Adobe Pdf Library Sdk

mobile arena PDFNet now has capabilities in Windows Mobile, iOS, Android and HTML5.
The HTML5 feature of their new WebViewer enables platform neutral document viewing and web annotation.
While PDF/A Manager is a specialized tool for converting and validating PDF/A files, PDFTron also provides full support for the PDF/A standard as part of its flagship product PDFNetTM SDK as well as other products.
For instance, software developers may use PDF/A Manager SDK or PDFNet SDK API to add a PDF/A export option to their existing PDF export filter.
The conversion option analyses this content of existing PDF files and performs a sequence of modifications to be able to produce PDF/A compliant documents.

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