Sustainable – To become a product that helps decrease the impact of waste generated by the use of pads and tampons.
At Period, our main mission would be to give everyone a solution that does not generate waste in the environment and that subsequently, is comfortable for everybody on the days whenever we have the period.
The latter, we contemplate it essential, that women are and feel free to be able to do everything they want, not only throughout their period, but also in all the days of these lives, leaving aside any feelings of discomfort or limitation.
Either hand wash and hang dry, or enhance the laundry pile.
Wore the Ruby Love underwear with their double-sided pad for ~6-8 hours, then removed the pad and continued with just the underwear for another ~6-8 hours.
Eventually changed to The Period Company’s Sporty Period underwear for a good work out.

  • I wear them the whole day, too, and am not running to the toilet every few hours.
  • Period label Proof designs underwear for different leaks and functions, including postpartum, workout and maternity.
  • Without education from parents and teachers, girls often begin their period in isolation, without the understanding of what’s happening with their bodies.
  • I can’t remember when I first started seeing ads for Thinx, but I was immediately curious.
  • Being in charge of her own period has been extremely empowering on her behalf.

It’s available in five colors, including Beige, Moss Green and Black, and in 10 sizes ranging from XS to 6XL.
Period underwear is reusable, made to handle the different flows during your period and will help those that menstruate move away from traditional disposable pads.
Actually, Google searches in the last year show that interest in period underwear is higher than interest in period pads and menstrual cups .
As its name implies, The Period Company is centered around period underwear .
According to the brand, The High Waisted can take around 10 tampons’ worth of blood and is manufactured with organic cotton and spandex.
You can select from six colors, including Rose, Mahogany and Burgundy, and sizes XS to 6X.
Combined with the High Waisted, you’ll also discover the Bikini with a lesser rise, The Boxer and The Adaptive Bikini, which equips velcro closures.


Go With The Flow is a local charity that aims to supply better usage of menstrual healthcare for Singapore’s low-income communities, through donation and distribution of menstrual necessities.
I even used it while cycling and it’s much more comfortable than the disposable ones.
Here is the first reusable product I’ve used since attempting to proceed to the eco-friendly, sustainable products and I’m happy I did so.
I’ll be recommending this to friends/family aswell.
Come home, change into a new couple of Period underwear to last the night time.
Less bulky than their other styles, more of a smooth, stretchy fabric.

We have confidence in improving standard of living of women and girls.
Menstruation is a natural and routine section of life for healthy girls and women, however in Zimbabwe it is associated with shame and fear.

The Period panties try to facilitate access to them, subsequently educating relating to this new concept of products.
THE TIME Company, The Bikini is really a lightweight, super absorbent, period couple of underwear that gives full dental coverage plans with less coverage.

She actually is beyond excited to be here, sharing about everything.
Black cotton, kind of bulky – definitely not sexy.

Thank you for the product, thank you for your time, and many thanks for helping me flow the way nature intended.
That’s where the laundry day could be helpful, especially if you are trying to minimize the quantity of pairs of period underwear you have to buy.And there you have it!
An example of how I make period underwear work for me.

Cora Period Underwear

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The Period Company is really a Zimbabwean registered organisation that seeks to boost the time experience for African woman and girls.

  • This chart also needs to give you a concept of the various types, styles, and options of period underwear — there’s a LOT.
  • It is possible to throw it in the washer and dryer without affecting the appearance or feel.
  • You’ll find a range of styles on the website,

Take your health to another level with FSA eligible Period Underwear Products.
My expectation was to put these underwear on while I was on my period, and live my life.
No worrying about having enough pads or tampons, no going to the bathroom constantly , and not wondering if I had to wash the sheets each morning.
For the very first time in my life since I got my period, I spent the week just living my life.
GiveRise program is advancing access to period products and supporting organizations championing reproductive healthcare, community giveback initiatives, and much more.

The Period Company – High-waisted Underwear

Runs a little small (not the best option on my most bloated day!).
Like most things, leaning into ‘you do you’ is an excellent rule of thumb for period underwear.
I think Bambody are the best value of those I’ve tried, and the fit is excellent.

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