Pile: The term used to describe fabrics with upturned loops, such as tugs or velvet.

Difficulties arose, as they always do in some form every once in awhile, in both Katherine and Hedland.
The main problem this time was the current presence of supervisors whom I had difficulty dealing with.

A gathering of fabric made by drawing up the material along 2 or more parallel lines of stitching.
Gathering of material usually used for visual figure enhancement.

The “m” word was initially used in 1621 within an anti-Catholic pamphlet and something can read a history of men’s and women’s struggles and pleasures using its manifestations all the way back again to Samuel Pepys’ famous account of his masturbatory urges.
But like many temptations and human inclinations which seem to be and often are an affront to human dignity, one sometimes resists them and sometimes yields.
It seems to be the main polarity that we live with, part of both the pleasure and pain that’s our life.
My carnal urges, my erotic fancies and fantasies, my sexual desires have challenged my emotions, caused strains and stresses and led my everyday life down difficult tracks which I have often regretted.
So is this the case of vast amounts of others and this the truth is somewhat comforting.

My work, like this of all my fellow Bahá’ís, will undoubtedly be carried on by my successors, the generations yet to come.
Our story and the story of our successors will undoubtedly be within many places.
For humanity will again become united around a transcending moral issue and this narrative is really a speck in the long road that is that story.
At the moment the transcending pathfinders in our midst can’t be spotted; society does not appear ready to risk the acquisition a fresh path, a new, a common metanarrative.

  • A designer ought to be a first-class draughtsman, and also have a thorough knowledge of the various varieties of ornament; he should also be well practised in drawing floral forms from Nature, without which there’s generally a stiffness and want of freedom in his style of work.
  • Under a microscope, wool is apparently rough and have scales that donate to its absorbency and heatretaining properties.
  • Thomas Henry Huxley had always advocated that the age of sixty was enough time for “official death,” and had looked forward to a peaceful “Indian summer.” With this object at heart and troubled by increasing ill-health, he began in 1885 to stop his work.
  • Once we look longer, we commence to perceive more; prompted by way of a whisper of memory or a moment of deeper recognition.

There was a veritable explosion in my own writing of poetry from the early 1990s after my pioneering venture passed the thirty year mark and my connection with the Bahá’í Faith the forty year mark.
Autobiography may be the unrivalled vehicle for telling the reality about other folks.
-Oscar Wilde in The Oxford Book of Quotations, John Gross, OUP, 1983.
There was, too, the intermittent navigation through tension and conflict.
Published autobiographies should contain some elements of the confidential, of the private, if they’re to contain the detailed record of people’s lives, if they are to function as trusted repositories of the intimate feelings and the intense encounters of their authors.

Some polyester battings commonly used for outdoor wear include Dupont Hollofil, Celanes Polarguard, Eastman Kodel, 3M Thinsulate and needle punch batting.
Laces – can be woven or knit and so are openwork fabrics consisting of a network of looped, twisted or knotted threads or yarns.
Laces have intricate designs, most often floral, on a ground of mesh or net and may be stated in many widths and shapes.
Lightweight to heavy weight fabrics are made from cotton, silk, polyester, rayon or nylon fibres.
Some laces have a decorative edge (e.g. a scalloped edge), that can be used to finish the hem and neck edges of garments lace.

Spray painted, trimmed and additional layered, they evoke a multidimensional presence.
Plus they are tactile, mostly wrought of acrylic and enamel on poured, colored silicon sheets.
There are seven of these on display at the Parrasch Heijnen Gallery.
If they—for the most part—share a single motif, it really is that of a flat-figured floral shape, much recalling Andy Warhol’s famous, colorful five-petaled hibiscus shapes of the mid-’60s.
But Warhol’s blooms were flatly displayed in orderly rows in regular, rectangular formats.

Similarly, borrowed, vicarious narratives, from face-to-face conversations and from the media, are routinely built-into telling of our personal experiences.
Putting words into a structure can help us to keep in mind and utilize the story in diverse contexts.

In this, he quite definitely inhabits his own paintings, commentating from within and without the canvas.
The utilization of fluorescent light spills from and unites Martin Langthorne and Tim Corne’s collaboration,Colour ScoreandStar Grid, facing one another on the floor floor.
A relationship between another couple of artistsis referenced and presented here as a collusion of coloured light falling upon and around the constellation of circular voids.
I saw the last and final of four performances, held on a Saturday night.

His old inmate friends, he said, had similar experiences.
That they had all been treated as though that they had just returned from a brief trip to the toilet or out of town for a few hours.
Even though they had experienced the nick for a decade, these were greeted casually and their friends had then gone about their business as if nothing had happened in the interim.
The awful mysteries and the true nature of the institutions of this Faith I have come to believe in and present a context to in this narrative as well as the devotional side of my life’s experience I have both concealed from the eyes of the multitudes of humankind.
I often felt a little like a secret-agent man possessed of knowledge nobody around me had.
Sadly, it appeared that those around me, generally, did not want that knowledge.

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