Customers can choose from two options regarding thickness level.
The 4.5-inch thickness is a mid-range loft that should

  • I highly recommend this product for anybody who has trouble with neck or spine pain.
  • This cutting-edge design contours to the body, giving you just the right cushioning to aid your head
  • There are many factors Nagle recommends keeping in mind as you’re shopping for pillows.

Sleeping on your own stomach, especially if you’re sleeping with a pillow that’s too thick, can put excess pressure on your own cervical spine and cause neck pain.
Value-minded shoppers will be happy to see that some companies sell their travel neck pillows with a bundle that includes earplugs and blackout masks.


by firmly taking a warm shower or applying a hot or cold compress.
This is especially effective in the initial 2-3 3 days of an acute injury.
You might also want to choose a pillow made of supportive foam or latex rather than down or down alternative.
Regardless, it’s smart to wash your pillow every 6 months, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
The all-natural materials are Global Organic Latex Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard certified.

Epabo’s pillow is really a more classic contoured shape to ensure your mind and neck stay firmly in place all night.
The pillow is established from breathable memory foam, to help prevent you from turning into a sweaty beast overnight.
It’s also covered in a hypoallergenic case to help keep you from sneezing all night.
A somewhat firm pillow is normally best for neck pain, particularly if you sleep working for you.

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It also features a no-shift construction, and that means you won’t have to re-arrange your pillow throughout middle of the night time.
Available in standard, queen and king sizes, you can actually find the version that best suits your preferences.
If you’re a combination sleeper, then the most comfortable pillow probably depends upon which position you’re using.

The right amount of loft depends a whole lot on your preferred sleeping position.
Stomach sleepers, for example, should decide on a pillow with less loft.
Essentially, you want a pillow that may keep your spine in alignment without putting too much pressure on your own neck.
Some will open up and bend into any configuration, enabling you to use the neck pillow as a small body pillow or as a far more traditional head pillow.
The Dot&Dot Memory Foam Travel Pillow For Neck is a fantastic example of this form of pillow.
Its flexibility offers you ultimate control over the method that you want your travel pillow positioned, that may really help you find the best support in any situation.
It fits in all sleep positions, even stomach sleepers find this pillow comfortable.

  • Side sleepers need a pillow that is lofty enough to support their head but conforming enough to cradle their neck, preventing pressure buildup.
  • In the pillow world, height is normally referred to as loft.
  • Feel like
  • A pillow that kicks your spine out of neutral alignment can leave you with neck pain in the morning.

This pillow from Epabo comes with an ergonomic design that’s specifically contoured to help support your head, neck and shoulders when you sleep.
The pillow works for side, back and stomach sleepers, and its own breathable memory foam helps keep night sweats at bay.
Select from two different heights of standard and queen sizes for that just-right fit.
Tempur-Pedic is the name in sleep comfort, so it’s hardly a shock that the company would deliver a pillow that’s specially made to fight neck pain, too.
The Neck Pillow is firm and contains a gently contoured design to mimic the natural curve of one’s body.
You obtain extra support for the head and neck when you’re sleeping on your back or side.
The pillow is made from the company’s signature Tempur material and won’t lose its shape as time passes.

Mesh panels across the border also promote airflow throughout the interior.
Subsequently, the LAYR ought to be a good option for those who normally sleep hot on foam.
The cover can be machine washed and dried, but spot cleaning is preferred for the inner foam pillow.
Saatva offers free ground shipping to all customers in the contiguous U.S.
The pillow could be returned within 45 days of delivery, even if it has been used or laundered.

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