For gamers who want to sell game currency such as for example Wow gold, PlayerAuctions is waiving commissions on the first five orders.
Aoeah is a professional online game store which would like to offer levels of cheap fifa coins with instant delivery.
Reliable stock for rocket league items, wow classic gold sale with promotion code enjoy 5% discount.
I have already been using PlayerAuctions for a number of months and it’s really a good experience, not only for buyers, also for sellers.
More competition means better service and better price, however, not destructive competition here.
PlayerAuction has a good system in place and the security check is getting better and better.

itself is extremely easy to navigate and the complete transaction is as simple as you possibly can.
Would recommend this site to anyone.
Very secure, they have a system set up to make sure you get what you purchased before money is giving to seller.
Excellent website, purchased on and off for many years, consistent.
Never had any issues with Player Auctions in many many transactions through a variety of people, and different games.
Never any issues or worries that I was getting ripped off.

They will make sure you process the order correctly and so are willing to answer questions.
Take note that our agents were polite and expressed in detail why the payment was declined.
We have copies of your message being rude to your agents and upon closer inspection your account attempted to extort unauthorized payment from the customer via PayPal last May 6,2021.
When this happens, sellers who truthfully deliver have their payment aborted.
As you can plainly see in my proof of purchase I was fully charged & never received my gold.
I spent $134.77 and it was removed from my bank account.

When I Click Send Verification Pin To My Phone Number It Doesnt Send, What Am I Doing Wrong?

I was then denied purchasing that until my email was verified so I had it send the email verification.
This is where the problems began when i never received email verification.

A great site that allows players to seamlessly move about games, without losing a lot of the progress they will have made.
They even offer insurance plans that help aleviate some of the problems that can come with RMT’ing.
Some sellers are good, some are bad..
Nonetheless still a great spot to buy accounts in.

If you want eBay, you have to try out this site.
Good site , used often and only burned once .
I have never had a concern purchasing on before, great trading site!
I’d definitely purchase here again.
Have made several transactions on here and have always had a great experience.
Excellent place to shop also it was extremely swift and easy.
Everything on time and

December 2022 Traffic Stats

in the transaction would be to secure your payment, make sure that you receive your order, and refund you in the event the order is shown to be faulty or undelivered.
I am a first time gold buyer so was some what worried.
However the process to create an account, select a seller, to check out was very easy.
I was happy that Google pay was a payment option.
Before I came to this site I had gone to another plus they wanted images of my drivers license which I do not feel safe with just to get some runescape gold.

The company’s fees vary, but generally they run about ten percent of the transaction amount.
Player auctions is a very easy and secure site to do business with.

  • Very secure, they have a system create to make sure you get what you purchased before money is giving to seller.
  • Subsequently, our sellers do not worry about not getting paid, and our buyers know that they will receive the products or services they have paid for.
  • Recommend to all or any players, buyers in addition to sellers.
  • There’s unlikely ever likely to be considered a shortage because you’ll always find someone willing to sell.
  • At these times, sellers who truthfully deliver have their payment aborted.
  • Both site and owner were amazing and quick for BNS gold.

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Normally, after visiting, users head to and
Fast, smooth transactions with quality sellers.

Sell Your Game Assets Securely

I buy and sell things on here on a regular basis and I have never had a problem.
The only reason behind 3 stars is basically because you asked me to leave this review and your customer care via phone is not that good.

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