Plotly: A software company that provides tools for creating and sharing interactive data visualizations.

Datawrapper is really a tool specifically designed to help make the process of creating charts and maps as easy as possible.
Infogram is a visualization platform which allows one to easily create charts, graphs and infographics.
Zoho Analytics also helps you share your insights with others and collaborate on data analysis by permitting them to comment or edit the reports/dashboards.
Zoho Analytics also comes with a mobile app that enables you to access your reports/dashboards in a mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

This object-detection app provides useful visualizations about what’s happening inside a complex video in real time.
The info is generated using MobileNet v1 in Tensorflow, trained on the COCO dataset.
The video is displayed utilizing the community-maintainedvideo component.

How Do You Use Data Visualization Tools?

Smart data visualizations that help uncover hidden data patterns and support your data analysis.
Another factor to consider before choosing your computer data visualization tools may be the technical expertise of one’s personnel.
The tools used by a skilled and trained data scientist is going to be much different than the tools used by novice product mangers tasked with generating departmental performance results.
The expertise of the personnel using all of your computer data visualization tools is a limiting factor that cannot, and should not, be ignored.
Data visualization is a quick, easy solution to convey concepts in a universal manner.

  • KNN Classifier by PlotlyWhen Plotly is not useful for dashboarding and data exploration, it is useful for Machine Learning.
  • Java or HTML is necessary.

Until that is decided, making choices from the dozens of available software tools and third-party vendors is mainly a fitness in futility.
Furthermore, it offers an end-user platform to generate reports and share insights with others in their organization.
It acts as a centralized repository for all you business data which all of your business users can access.
ChartBlocks selects the appropriate data segment to make a chart and manages the complete import process.
It enhances many sharing options that set the chart on the site and instantly share it.

Ibm Watson

Grafana open source is a free and open source visualisation and analytics tool.
It allows you to query, display, alert on, and examine metrics, logs, and traces stored everywhere.
It offers tools for transforming time-series database data into informative graphs and visualisations.
Chart.js is a good option for designers who need a simple, customizable, interactive visualization option.
Its biggest selling points are that it’s free and open source.

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