Podcast seo: Best practice for maximizing the search visibility of a podcast and its individual episodes.

Email marketing is the best way to provide valuable, interesting content to your audience base.

Read on to find fourteen simple methods to use SEO to optimize your podcast and reach a broader audience quickly.
Building up your social media presence and person to person references will take a while but ultimately underpin further success.
It’s very important to growing your podcast’s numbers, but most significantly, has a very positive effect on search engine ranking.

To maximize your exposure, make sure that your podcast is something that people will want to listen to.
A good starting point would be to find out your niche and how it pertains to the subject.
For example, you could have a lot of understanding of your favorite TV show, but how will that relate to the customers you want to bring in?
It definitely is possible to incorporate pop culture into your podcast, but finding the right angle isn’t always easy.
Any content SEO strategy relies heavily on backlinks, and podcasting is not any different.
They are the links from the external websites that reach one of your podcast’s episodes or pages.

Podcasts Can Be On Any Topic

As such, podcast SEO identifies improving the visibility of one’s podcasts in search engine search engine pages .
YouTube, as you likely know, may be the second most trafficked site online after Google, serving over a billion users.
When contemplating any SEO strategy, but with podcast content specifically, YouTube should always be part of your strategy.
Not only is YouTube an enormous search engine in its right, but YouTube content frequently appears in the primary body of Google serp’s as well.
Of course, you not merely need to discover how to leverage your podcasts for SEO, but also how exactly to rank well on the platforms specific to podcasts.
So whether you’re getting started or are an established podcaster, continue reading for specific tips about how to SEO your podcast.
Founded in 2008 by David Eichholtzer, the WAM Agency can be an SEO, content and PR agency based in Lyon, France.

  • You can take the content from your own podcast and turn it into articles, blogs, infographics, slide presentations, videos and so forth to get even more SEO value from the recycled content.
  • The terms we have inside our list are, actually, potential subtopics.
  • You might want to add numbers or statistics to emphasize a spot.

You should use your transcript as a basis for a blog post, and attract more listeners that way.

Have Your Interview Questions Prepared & Prepared To Go

Include keywords and home elevators this content of the episode.
Reference your credentials and the ones of your guests, also to make things easier for listeners, include timestamps for different segments of one’s show.
Your website is also a great spot to diversify your content channels.
Use your show notes and complete transcriptions to repurpose podcast episodes into blog posts for those of one’s audience who prefer reading.
That written content helps build an audience and gets your website ranked higher on Google—which draws even more traffic.
Make it possible for listeners to share your podcast on their social networks.

  • By hosting episodes on YouTube, you’ve also got another ranking opportunity in Google Search through the Videos feed.
  • You’d be
  • Doing so will let you establish your place as an industry professional and will also help you access a relevant audience.
  • Spotify recommends using the first 20 words to entice the listener in through the use of keywords that indicate what this issue is about.
  • Podcast search engines are very basic in their approach, driven by text search and user reaction.

to spend additional time pitching and you’ll probably receive quite a few rejections.
A 5-10% success rate is to be expected, particularly if you’re just getting started with your podcast.
Podcast media kits are very helpful in terms of booking guests and securing sponsorships.
If you haven’t made one for your show, and you’re struggling to get guests to state “yes” to your pitches, it’s a strategy worth trying.

“easy Peasy”

Ausha supplies a classic WYSIWYG editor with text formatting plus the addition of links which are crucial for transcribing the content of your episode.
Having a separate podcast webpage also helps crawlers identify this sort of content.
Meanwhile, you should use the website landing page for internal and external linking to improve SEO as well.
Google now includes a podcasts section on the search engine results page .

This post outlines the strategies and tactics of using podcasting being an SEO & link constructing strategy.

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