Podchaser: Podcast discovery platform. Users can search, browse and rate a large database of shows.

The main section on the About page includes your podcast elevator pitch, Creators & Guests, Recent Episodes, Best Episodes, Podcast Reviews, Mentioned In These Lists, and Similar Podcasts.
The right sidebar also contains follow and rate options, an episode alert option and what appears like every bit of information that can possibly exist about a podcast.
These make it easier for advertisers, sponsors or visible guests to dive deeper in to the podcast and discover what they need.
The About page is really a useful summary of the 4 other pages, so let’s focus our time there.
Your guest appearance page is where clients, employers, guests, collaborators, etc can fully explore all you’ve audio done.
They can get yourself a big picture view of your work on the About page or dive into the Appearances page.

  • The target for Podchaser is to continue to empower its user base to crowdsource data until it reaches a critical mass where it’ll serve because the hub of information for podcast listeners.
  • 73% pay attention to podcasts on the smartphone their cell phone.
  • When he gets caught up in a gruesome murder at his gym, he quickly realises he could be in way over his head.
  • In there, we combine extensive courses, templates, checklists, and downloadable resources with weekly live Q&A sessions.
  • Castos allows you to unleash your creative genius.

Create automated workflows to request your satisfied customers to leave you a review at the top review platforms, or keep these things join a referral program.
Create stations from your own songs, artists or genres, search or browse to find recommended stations for your mood or activity, and find out podcasts that talk with you.

Who Listens To Podcasts?

At this time you have the opportunity to see that, as if you have a dashboard for your client.
You can see when they opened the The link that you said, where they click, have they clicked on the PDF that you wanted them to click?

Fast updated content production without costly equipment and staff.
Podtrac provides the podcast industry’s only ranking of top publishers, plus the industry’s only ranking of podcasts predicated on unique audience counts.
New Publisher and Podcast Rankings are published every month using consistent measurement methodology for apples-to-apples audience sizing.
Podtrac is in a distinctive position to produce rankings for the industry.
Advertisers and publishers need accurate audience data to create good decisions about content and advertising.
But with various options for counting audiences — with often inaccurate stats from hosting providers or others with less sophisticated analysis.

Podchaser, Using Ai To Pitch Podcast Creators

Additionally, you will find a beautiful video filled with drones shots that helps bring alive the story from In The Camera.
In 1619, enslaved Africans first landed on the shores of what would become the United States.

It provides enterprise-level security, real-time analysis, and a best in class listener experience.
Outreach.io also trust Storyboard to host their internal communications, interviews, training sessions and many alternative activities.

And then there’s the recently launched podcast directory site Podsearch, which lets people search for shows by keywords.
It is possible to create stations making use of your songs, artists, or genres.
You can search or browse for recommended stations for your mood, activity, or mood, and discover podcasts that appeal to you.
Get access immediately to your favourite artists and podcasts by downloading today.

If podcasts house real conversations with skillfully developed, internal thought leaders, customers, and partners, why are so many brands churning and burning episodes?
With Casted, it is possible to mine your episodes for the powerful content your audience craves and extend the shelflife of every episode to get more value from your podcast.
You need the ability to show a podcast’s true value to your organization.
With Casted, unlock metrics that assist you to identify listeners, connect listens to what in the buyer’s journey, and finally prove how your podcast is impacting the bottom line.

Headlong: Running From Cops, Series

In June, Resso added podcasts to its library thanks to a partnership with Acast.
Labor costs certainly are a particularly pressing issue within the restaurant industry, and in this episode, Chef Teresa Montaño wrestles with speaking publicly in what it takes to hire and keep kitchen workers.

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