Productboard: Product management platform centered around understanding customer needs.

Product feedback surveys gather insights from product users and other target audience members about their experiences and opinions of a product.
Normally, surveys include questions about product usage, features that they would want to see, and their overall satisfaction with the product.
The survey widget lets you track user satisfaction, measure NPS® scores, and gather information about audience demographics.
The feedback widget, alternatively, can help you easily capture product feature requests and bug reports, which is useful if you’re searching for a way to test prototypes or prioritize product improvements.

  • software tool that lets you capture comments from customers, prioritize what to do next, and create excellent product roadmaps to communicate your strategy.
  • Still, it combines the very best elements of agile project management, social collaboration, and issue management to produce a powerful unified hub for managing your products.
  • For instance, when designers and developers begin focusing on a feature down the road, they’ll be able to reference every little bit of research and feedback that relates to the feature at hand.

Easily gather customer feedback in one spot to identify high-value features for revenue and customer growth.
The COVID-19 pandemic has placed many businesses under severe financial stress, forcing scrutinization of every expense and trimming the fat where necessary.
With the chance of customer churn increasing, it hasn’t been more critical to have the right products and features to market, faster.
With the accelerated pace of technical change, market competition, and rising customer expectations, it’s more important than ever to build products that customers need.
Productboard’s Portal enables product managers to achieve the pulse of their customers.

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