Unlike other portals and apps, you can find no separate logins or downloads required for the resident or property manager.
The Procore App Marketplace has over 200 partner solutions that integrate seamlessly with this platform, giving you the freedom to

With appliance diagnostic software running inside your business, your properties and renters obtain the proactive benefits of real-time tracking for the health of your residential appliance inventory.
SAA has a selection of tools that helps agencies agency understand its potential risk including a risk calculator and alarm stats.

Brivo may be the global leader in cloud-based access control and security platforms for commercial and multifamily properties.
Our mission would be to provide Simply Better Security solutions that improve user experiences for property managers, tenants, employees, and visitors.
AJB Consulting is a diverse group of professionals with a distinctive blend of expertise in project management, property operations, compliance, affordable housing, accounting and information technology.

Alternatives To Knock Crm

Customers in the industry office, healthcare & retail categories use Facilio across 60 million sq.ft globally to lessen operations costs, increase net asset value & derisk operational liability.
CrowdEngine is really a leading white label investment platform for firms seeking to streamline their capital raising process.
With a focus on commercial real estate , our platform offers a comprehensive solution for issuers to generate, promote and close investment opportunities easily.
We of experts works closely with clients to supply technical expertise, compliance support, and ongoing investor management.
CrowdEngine supplies a flexible, fully brandable platform that may be customized for your specific needs.
Assetsoft is a global technology consulting firm that focuses on software development, business process improvement, systems integration, implementation, and training.

  • This can help you reduce a substantial period of time in diagnosing problems and performing trial-and-error tests to find the root cause.
  • Our promise to you is to bring ease and satisfaction throughout your digital change.
  • This can greatly benefit your marketing strategies and help you in advertising your business better.
  • Rental Heroes is really a Melbourne based PropTech focused on helping Property Managers automate and reduce the manual interactions when coordinating common tenant requests.

RDM provides software and solutions that power the Commercial Real Estate Industry.
RealAccess Our flagship software, RealAccess, has recently redefined the way that landlords, investors, brokers, and…
Gain reviews, collect payments, communicate with customers, and capture leads—all from the single inbox.
Obligo rids both landlords and renters of the responsibility of security deposits, lowering costs, increasing cashflow…

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Our team of property consultants, most with more than twenty years of experience, provides domestic and international clients with a variety of strategy, operations, technology, and outsourcing services.
By combining NOI’s global expertise with CohnReznick’s extensive real estate accounting, tax, and advisory capabilities, we bring holistic, innovative answers to our clients’ most complex business challenges.
Banner is a data-driven project management and procurement platform that helps teams streamline the bidding process, track progress, and make smarter decisions on capital, tenant improvement and construction projects.
Banner was built specifically to serve property owners needs and workflow.
AppRent is an innovative property management software which has reimagined multifamily maintenance.

Government or commercial organizations are challenged to control assets more strategically.
Organizations that seek better collaboration between agencies, divisions and departments.
Agencies needing better financial management and insights into overall facilities costs.
Facilities departments who’ve outgrown their current software systems.
Commercial organizations that manage a big portfolio of these own buildings.

The apps are designed to be “resident-first” which is a departure from how software and other services have been designed…
Through innovative teaching, research and outreach, the Center for PROPERTY aims to deepen commercial real estate knowledge at Marquette University, in Milwaukee, over the Midwest and throughout the nation.
Ranked on the list of top undergraduate commercial real estate programs in the country by U.S.
Leonardo247 is really a proactive solution for real estate operators to simplify process and operate better.
It allows users to perform inspections, schedule and complete tasks, and track performance.

  • So when you’re in communication with dozens, and even hundreds, of different tenants at one time, you will need all the help you will get!
  • We can process supplier invoices, index, scan and upload them on any custom web…
  • agenda, minutes and assists one to manage your meeting, with clever automation and system settings.
  • It allows users to perform inspections, schedule and complete tasks, and track performance.
  • Cut through endless email chains, spreadsheets, and aging CRE platforms.

The company was founded in Sandton, South Africa with the thought of developing IoT solutions and Automation for Assets and Building.
Cognitive Things is really a software and professional services company providing different solutions on Assets Management such as Information & Technology, Enterprise Management, Fleet Management…
Coadjute is digitally connecting auctions to conveyancers and all the parties involved in a house transaction so you can complete without friction, faster, more securely and with greater degrees of transparency.
Coadjute helps enhance your business and position you being an industry leader in efficiency and great customer experience.
BriefYourMarket may be the industry-leading, multi-channel marketing platform designed to help auctions increase leads, improve conversion rates and grow their business.

Appfolio Expands Through A Platform Marketplace

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Sun West Mortgage points to its AI-based loan origination and decision-making system for improved speeds.
StrataVote adds unrivalled meeting, electronic voting, and documentation functionality to your Strata Master trust accounting platform.
Renti makes the renting process faster, easer and more enjoyable for everybody.

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