Whenever a tree is damaged, resin oozes out from the cells forms a bandage-like protective layer on the injury which will keep out fungi and bacteria.
A valuable property or resins is that they are water soluble and harden when exposed to air.
Lots of people prefer honey over table sugar due to its nutritional value.

  • Bacterial cellulose is a talented safe fabric for wound healing.
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  • The beekeeper runs on the special hive tool to break the propolis seal and remove the lid.

However, the active ingredients of propolis changed significantly with the geographical source.
Moreover, the biological activity of propolis depends upon plant sources, geographical zone, and seasons.
Propolis contains complexes from the polyphenolic fractions, mostly flavonoids, followed by phenolic acid esters, aromatic acids, and lignans or terpenoid components .

These polymers are classified into polysaccharides , proteins , and nucleic acids .
Biopolymers are becoming more valuable as sustainable materials.
They decrease dependency on non-renewable resources and reduce environmental impact .
Propolis affords a competent and green strategy for adding unique properties and sustainability to material science.
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Bee Silky Paw & Foot Balm

Figure1 shows a number of the flavonoid structures isolated from propolis.
Some authors review the carbohydrate composites for packaging or wound healing applications , while others review propolis for that purpose .

  • Conjoint treatment of propolis (200 mg/kg; p.o.) inhibited lipid peroxidation and oxidized glutathione level whereas increased glutathione level.
  • Propolis was listed as an official drug in the London pharmacopoeias of the 17th century.
  • In this report, we try to clarify the immune modulatory ramifications of Brazilian green propolis and its own major component, artepillin C, on the cytokine production of anti-CD3 antibody-stimulated mouse spleen cells.

Soldiers in the ancient world used propolis and honey on battlefield wounds to assist in healing.
Many weapons of your day were made to cause wounds which were difficult to suture, and many soldiers survived the battle only to die of infection when propolis and honey weren’t readily available.
People who are into complementary and alternative medicine also believe that bee propolis may also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
It includes common cold sores, mouth sores, oral mucositis, and upper respiratory system infections, to name several.

SpOS-2 primary cultures were isolated from the tumor of a dog with osteosarcoma and incubated with geopropolis, 70% ethanol (geop…
Unique honey bee hive component-based communities as detected by way of a hybrid of phospholipid fatty-acid and fatty-acid methyl ester analyses.
Unique honey bee (Apis mellifera hive component-based communities as detected by way of a hybrid of phospholipid fatty-acid and fatty-acid methyl ester analyses.
Comparison of bee products predicated on assays of antioxidant capacities.
Topical application of the bee hive protectant propolis is well tolerated and improves human diabetic foot ulcer healing in a prospective feasibility study.
Such studies are scarce and most analyzed samples are from Brazil, with several from Bolivia and Venezuela.
High diversity in pollen types, along with plant tissue fragments, hyphae, fungal spores, and amorphous organic matter were found.

Effects Of Propolis Flavonoids On Virus Infectivity And Replication

The treatment of periodontal disease is targeted at adequate control of bacterial plaque.
In lots of patients mechanical methods cannot eliminate this plaque leading to the need for adjuvant chemical products.
Propolis is really a natural product that has demonstrated therapeutic properties and has been shown to be effective being an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent in dentistry.
The antioxidants within propolis play a great role in its immunomodulatory properties .

This review emphasizes the various composites prepared from both propolis with various polysaccharides.
Pollen is vitaminic, contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant phenolics, in addition to antiatherosclerotic, antidiabetic, and hypoglycemic flavonoids, unsaturated essential fatty acids, and sterols.
Species native to tropical countries and found in folk medicine.
However, studies regarding the biological activity and chemical composition of geopropolis are scarce.
In this study, we evaluated the antimicrobial and antiproliferative activity of the ethanolic extract of geopropolis collected by Melipona sc…

of the growth of S.
Thus, the attained composite may be used as a wound healing mat and antibacterial drug.

As with honey, people have found propolis useful since ancient times.
Egyptians used propolis for embalming their cadavers for the same reason that bees sometimes use it – keeps pathogens contained.
Roman and Greek physicians used propolis being an antiseptic, mouth disinfectant, so when a topical therapy for wound healing.
Go through the power of nature with Propolis, a versatile and potent natural substance made by honeybees.
Harvested from tree resin, sap, along with other botanical sources, propolis can be used by bees to create and keep maintaining their hives, thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
For my purposes, I have decided to focus on propolis and how it is used in wound care management.
Wound health is a complex

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