quickq: QuickQ is a fuel payment solution that provides fleets with real time access to purchase limits.

With the WEX Fleet Card, you know where every dollar goes.
Driver IDs are entered for every transaction, to tell you who spends what, where and when—and help prevent unauthorized usage of your fuel card.
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The Love’s Connect Portal can be your one-stop shop as a valued customer to control and access all of your accounts.
From a secure login, this new benefit offers a streamlined invoice process all from one location.
With a responsive design that’s accessible on all devices, the portal will connect you in just a few short clicks to several tools to keep up fleet efficiencies.
Love’s Express Program provides fleets with consistent and competitive pricing no transaction fees, meaning your company will save money.
Our reporting system allows you to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.
Credit cards are useful for purchasing just about anything, assuming you have enough credit for the transaction.

For truckers, fuel cards work similarly at the pump to how other payment cards operate.

Transactions involve putting a card into a payment terminal, inputting any required information, and fueling up the vehicle.
Unlike traditional gasoline stations, many locations for trucks additionally require inputting other data, including the current odometer reading of the automobile.
Fuel cards are specialized payment cards that are exclusively for vehicle-related costs.
This includes regular maintenance, tire replacements, and emergency repairs.
However, most fuel cards are employed primarily for gas , and the cards compare using the savings or benefits they can provide to customers visiting a participating fueling station.

Fuel Anywhere

The Love’s Express Program can be acquired for any size of fleet and simplifies the purchasing and reconciliation process.
Love’s Express Billing Program provides professional drivers with consistent, competitive pricing and no transaction fees.
It also eliminates the hassle of using cash or personal credit cards for fueling needs.
The Fleet One Edge card comes in several ways, and it’s also sold under the EFS brand described above.
Thanks to participating in the WEX network, Fleet You have several thousand in-network fueling stations and will provide extra savings on things such as vehicle maintenance plans.

  • Having an impressive savings cap of 15 cents per gallon and a high amount of partner locations, the EFS card is among the best choices for trucking companies.
  • One option is the development of modular systems predicated on several binary systems that employ heat from the working fluid at different temperatures.
  • Investigations of Very High Enthalpy Geothermal Resources in Iceland.
  • TransConnect Services, usually abbreviated to TCS, offers clients an average savings of 63 cents per gallon.
  • The extraction and processing of bitumen from the oilsands of Northern Alberta requires very large amounts of heat that is obtained by burning natural gas.

Resources of the primary aquifers in Western Siberia and to develop recommendations for further study and use of heat and power resources of this territory.
This article gives retrospective of state research programs and potential usage of hydrothermal sources of administrative units geographically entering the territory under consideration.
It is noted that right now such programs have been curtailed for various reasons, although there are types of their successful and effective use in various fields of industry and agriculture.
Relevance of deep-subsurface microbiology for underground gas storage and geothermal energy production.
Energo- and exergo-technical assessment of ground-source heat pump systems for geothermal energy production from underground mines.
Temperature-induced impacts on groundwater quality and arsenic mobility in anoxic aquifer sediments used for both normal water and shallow geothermal energy production.
One option is the development of modular systems predicated on several binary systems that employ heat from the working fluid at different temperatures.

Coupling geophysical investigation with hydrothermal modeling to constrain the enthalpy classification of a potential geothermal resource.
Eletric power plant to be located at the Heber site; an alcohol fuels production facility to be built at Raft River, ID; and a direct-use, district heating system in Susanville, CA.
Fixation by photosynthesis and subsequent transfer to animal food chains.
Since the potential fuel is in an unconcentrated form, cultivation, harvest, and transport are necessarily laborintensive.
Thus, a significant prospect of occupational injuries and fatalities exists.
Of all biomass systems evaluated, direct burning of solid fuels presents the best public health risk.

Ultraone Fleet Payment Cards

Soil mercury levels in the area surrounding the Cerro Prieto geothermal complex, MEXICO.
Exploration potential in northeastern Nevada may therefore be greater than previously recognized.
Achieving California’s 33% renewable generation goal will substantially increase uncertainty and variability in grid operations.

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  • Most benefits range from fuel discounts (either as rebates or directly-reduced costs at the pump) to help with oil changes or vehicle servicing.
  • Some programs are just accepted at certain stations, which helps keep fuel fraud from eating into your income.
  • The QuikQ platform first pioneered the usage of RFID tags to process fuel transactions with the SmartQ solution.

Almost all of the heat arrives at the surface of the earth at temperatures too low for much use.
However, plate tectonics make sure that a few of the heat is concentrated at temperatures and depths favorable because of its commercial…
Source, as they may possibly also provide the basis to control the pathogenic bacteria contents in groundwater bodies.
Decreased waterborne pathogenic bacteria within an urban aquifer linked to intense shallow geothermal exploitation.
Our payments platform technologies offer you everything you need to perform a sophisticated payments program in one place, like the expertise to make payments smarter, faster, and much more profitable.
A Brazilian energy company that produces and sells electricity, often with a concentrate on renewable energy sources and sustainability.

Logging technology in forming key elements of the entire program goals.
Heat, and insurance against faulty performance were examined.
Separate abstracts have been prepared for the individual sections.
Largest problem was lack of proper recording and controlling instrumentation.

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