Rapido bike taxi: Uber for motorbikes in India.

The platform is also famous for its pink for women section, which only has female drivers to create female passengers feel comfortable and safe.
Uber is another well-known platform that lots of commuters use nowadays.
Among the many known reasons for its popularity among travellers are the service, comfortable rides, and reasonable prices.
Everybody knows that Uber Taxi was a huge success, which led to the launch of its UberMoto service in March 2016.
It has completed approximately 2 million rides since launching its bike taxi service alongside its taxi business.
The platform is steadily capturing the bike taxi market by charging low fares and providing quick pickup and drop-off.

There also needs to be an instantaneous cap implemented by hawaii government on attaching new vehicles for bike taxis and delivery in Telangana,” the TGPWU said in its letter.
Women in Hyderabad believe that bike taxis are a bit safer than cabs because they can shout for help if anything goes wrong.
Ladies in cities like Bengaluru are switching to bike taxis and makeup 15% of Rapido’s customers.
The federal government should introduce regulations to ensure a free of charge and fair market for bike taxis after considering their safety and use.
Uber bike taxis were introduced in 2016 and completed 2 million trips within a year.

  • Predicated on vehicle type, the motorcycle segment held the best market share in 2021, holding nearly three-fourths of the total market share, and is expected to continue its leadership status through the forecast period.
  • The entire market opportunity is determined by understanding profitable trends to get a stronger foothold.
  • However, the electric segment is projected to join up the best CAGR of 80.6% from 2022 to 2030.
  • Once the auto driver has came I’ve sat In the auto and he started driving.
  • Leading players of the India bike taxi market analyzed in the study include Baxi, Bikxie, Desto-Bike Taxi, Dunzo, Jugnoo, Mopedo, Ola , PykUpz, Rapido, and Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • The platform is steadily capturing the bike taxi market by charging low fares and providing quick pickup and drop-off.

Moreover, the best players, including Rapido, Uber, Bike, Ola have observed rise in investments.
For instance, in August 2021, Rapido raised $52 million from several investors comprising Shell Ventures, Yamaha, Kunal Shah , and Positive Moves Consulting to expand company’s operations across India.
The raised fund is anticipated to be utilized for making strategic investments in innovations, technology, people, and offer.

Many app based bike taxi startups and services want to capitalize on this.
Below is a set of some of the most prominent bike taxi apps and services in Asia which have made on-demand bike rides a reality and popular amonst the public.
Taxi and Transport Union wrote to the transport department demanding a ban on app-based bike taxi services of Ola, Uber and two-wheeler taxi aggregator Rapido.
Rapido provides taxi services by deploying user-friendly taxi booking apps and by employing bike Taxis.

Behold The Sequel To Scam 1992, Rapido!

The electric scooter offers a selection of 121 kilometers on a complete charge.
In a statement, the startup said its platform, that was hit by the coronavirus pandemic that prompted India to enforce lockdowns in a number of states, has recently seen an 85% recovery.

So far the business has grown tremendously and they have plans to expand even further.
It had been also a smart decision because many companies needed deliver partners to deliver essential stuff which was the need of the hour.

What keeps him going, and alive, aside from stories is the heavenly music of immortal legend RD Burman.
Ban on pillion riders on bikes whose engine capacities were below 100cc.
The absence of Women DriversOnly 11% drivers in India are women, and the percentage is even smaller for commercial drivers.

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Till 2015, Goa was the only real state that allowed bikes as a public service vehicle.
This was soon accompanied by Haryana, which introduced bike as a public service vehicle, where two-wheelers can be registered as commercial vehicles.
It affords people the opportunity of an improved lifestyle — one they could haven’t imagined previously.
It offers better options to the daily commuter and helps a whole lot in clearing up the transport mess that our cities are subject to.
The growth of Rapido follows a shift in India’s mobility market, where Uber and Ola flooded greater than a million cabs before decade.

Bikes can simply solve this problem, yet not much can be achieved without having regulations in place.
Ride-sharing still isn’t part of the contract-carriage permit beneath the 1989 Motor Vehicles Rule.
And more when you want to work with a mode of transport for public transportation, it is by law that the vehicles ingest a yellow license plate.

Owing to all these factors, the city planners and the government are promoting public transport along with other transportation services such as taxi services and ride-sharing services.
The bike taxi occupies less space on roads and may better navigate through traffic.
Further, bikes when doubling up as bike-taxis act as an alternative for private vehicle users, and thus decrease the demand for parking spots and can be helpful to minimize the traffic congestion in a city.
Owing to all the aforementioned factors, the market for bike taxis in India is likely to grow significantly through the forecast period.
I was short of money all four times, so a car or perhaps a cab was unthinkable, and I didn’t have quick access to the bus.

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