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Fastly provides bandwidth and CDN support, Ruby Central covers infrastructure costs, and Ruby Together funds ongoing development and ops work.
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Connect your Siteimprove account to your Rebrandly account using our API.
Rebrandly turns any link into a promotion for your brand.

Niche relevant URLs that describe a specific section of a broad spectrum site.
For example blog releases can either be shortened utilizing a news, or blog domain.
This proves especially helpful in clients being able to see the relevance of a post instead of categorising it as Spam.


It really is launched with the intention of facilitating the integration of retargeting pixels and custom scripts into URL links.
The program offers a centralized system for creating CTAs, unique domain names, and individualized preview images for hyperlinks.

  • But when it comes to sharing your actual website, nothing goes better than your own domain URL such as for example “” In these scenarios, avoid using rebranded URLs.
  • Since the beginning of my relationship with Rebrandly, it’s been and continues to be an asset to the whole organization.
  • The vendor then manages all the setup for the user, permitting them to start sharing branded links in just a few minutes.
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Because of using RocketLink, administrators can examine critical performance data for a certain platform and acquire valuable insights in to the health of these website.
Rebrandly also gives you access to URL analytics for each link to see engagement, activities, and how people interact with them.
The Urchin Tracking Module parameters permit you to track clicks and traffic sources with 100% accuracy.
This will allow you to see which links drive business and accurately track conversion.

Thinking About Development?

The world’s biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.
We develop personalized software and code to automate workflows, generate documents and process huge amounts of data.
An incident study on the development of a website for a travel company with the functional control panel, an event calendar and an online ordering servi…
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Harness the energy and security of TinyURL’s full-scale link management services.
Remove long URLs entirely from your own email marketing, social media, or customer communications.
As the original URL shortener, they do more than create shortened URLs.
Monitor who clicks on your custom links, from where, and from what device.
Linkpop is really a mobile-first, simple-to-use link in bio application that allows users for connecting their visitors and followers to a curated list of most their finest links.

email/social media marketing campaigns or SEO generally.
It offers bookmarklets which are convenient for shortening links and sharing them.
This free tool that shortens links also includes features such as historical click data, referrers tracking, visitor geo-location, along with other similar capabilities.

Cut.Ly is really a useful platform for making custom link-in-bio microsites which can be shared with followers, tracked for click-through rates, and promoted further with QR codes.
Rebrandly is the simplest way to generate, share and manage branded links.
We offer companies and individuals the possibility to brand and shorten the links they share using a specific domain name of these choosing.
Suitable for custom branded links to talk about on email signatures, social media posts, newsletters, landing pages to greatly help your audience recognize you and search for you easily.
But when it involves sharing your actual website, nothing goes much better than your own domain URL such as for example “” In these scenarios, avoid using rebranded URLs.
Perfect for a company which has a long link they often share, but want a shortened version that’s easy to remember, and even shorter for sharing on social media, such as for example Twitter.
Rebrandly is also a great treatment for track link clicks for ads,

Delivr keeps them short for when you share on social, email, text messaging, and more.
Share your links across all of your marketing channels-including email, SMS, display, social and more-and collect key insights into each channel’s performance and audience.
Rebrandly is very convenient to use to create new, rebranded links for just about any URL.

The vendor then manages all of the setup for an individual, allowing them to start sharing branded links in just a few momemts.
Owner says with a branded link, companies and people increase their brand’s visibility because the brand name is embedded in the link – even though it’s being shared by others.
Additionally, owner says they improve link trust, and actually, branded links can help increase the click-through rate by around 39% in comparison with generic short URLs.

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