Refurbed: Marketplace for refurbished electronics.

Additionally, the raised capital went into expanding the product categories.
Refurbed added household appliances, e-mobility devices, gaming consoles, and TVs to the mix, sourced from some 130+ merchants.
Cut to 2021, Refurbed raised another funding round of $54 million.
By this time, the company already developed a strong presence in Italy, Poland, and France, with Ireland being the next target market.
Peter Windischhofer mentioned having €10 million allocated specifically for Irish marketing campaigns.
To help expand forge trust with consumers, Refurbed also added a free 12-month warranty against any device issues or breakdowns.
Combined, these two factors lent them greater legitimacy — and progressively developed its brand equity.

Online capabilities, prices and in-store facilities vary by each country so be sure to call into the store to check into a product prior to making the trek.
They carry from refurbished phones, gaming consoles, TV screens, laptops and photography equipment, to games, DVDs and BluRay.
Also, if you’re looking for unlocked handsets or have physically damaged your carrier locked phone then they are perfect for replacement.
If you’re in the market for refurbished consumer electronics, be sure you get them from these services.

Back Market And Sls Partner To Expand Availability Of Refurbished Electronics

Certified refurbished devices from Walmart have a 90 day warranty and original accessories.
The only drawback of their website, is that you cannot sort by grade or condition, though they declare that all devices ‘are tested and inspected to operate and appearance like new’ – their words, not mine.

  • CAGR of 10.2%, according to Persistence GENERAL MARKET TRENDS.
  • cards in compostable packaging and will be offering its customers the very best value plan on the marketplace as awarded at the 2022 Mobile Awards.
  • The market’s growth has been spurred by the rising adoption of consumer devices, the overall trend towards recycling e-waste, and the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic.
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  • You can elect to sell on any of refurbed’s active domain, and on new domains as refurbed expands.
  • 48 sends its sim

Used electronics marketplace Refurbed is partnering with “youth-focused” mobile network 48 in Ireland to supply users of the latter with the choice of buying a refurbished smartphone.
Similar to pre-loved clothes marketplaces like Vinted or thredUP, Refurbed must nudge consumers into changing their shopping habits.
This step is essential for eventually securing a more impressive customer base.
But Refurbed remained focused on creatively promoting its agenda of reducing e-waste, one cognizant brand message at a time.

We have been the fastest growing online marketplace for refurbished electronics in the German-speaking region.
Our office is located in Vienna, Austria, but the majority of our software development team is spread over Europe and working remotely.
JemJem is another refurbished electronics seller, though they mostly specialise in Apple products.
You’ll find some very nice deals on Macs, iPads, Apple iPhones, Apple watches, Samsung & Pixel, Chromebooks and some accessories.
However, they would be new phone or just marked clearance; not JemJem Certified Refurbished.
Based from the US, they ship only within the united states and for FREE.
If you need to get your devices delivered beyond your US choose a package forwarding service that fits your needs.

It really is currently supported by a team of 650 employees, and it maintains operations in 16 countries, like the US, Japan, and many European countries.
Within the campaign, Refurbed promises to plant a tree for every social media post with #FixOurPlanet hashtag.
So far, the campaign led to some 13,000 trees planted — and more positive sentiments cultivated round the Refurbed brand.
Let them end up being the early adopters and direct them that will help you seed your core brand values to others.
To cultivate a purpose-driven brand, you need to have a vocal community of advocates, who’re prepared to promote your cause as well as you.

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The company plans to employ 50 people in the next couple of months, increasing the team on various fronts, with a strong focus on technology and also facilitating international growth.
Windischhofer believes their rate of expansion into new markets is sustainable.
“We found an excellent system that’s very lean and at the same time very effective.
Needless to say, having raised more capital now also helps us in recruiting more people and making sure that the core of the company is not stretched across too many goals,” he says.

  • completely refurbished gadgets pursues a 100% sustainable and scalable business model – with the potential to fundamentally change consumer behaviour.
  • Yet, regardless of the initially low intention to purchase pre-owned goods, Refurbed managed to scale to over 815,000 customers across 9 European markets, cementing its position as a category leader.
  • It is crucial that affordable and sustainable alternatives can be found to Irish consumers, particularly those seeking to make a saving because the cost of living crisis continues.
  • Often manufacturers will sell refurbished electronics on the website.

Grades are assigned after refurbished devices have gone through the ringer and a specialist has thoroughly checked out everything from hard disk drive, ports, buttons and battery to screen / display.
Grade A is near mint condition and is the best you can expect when buying a refurbished device.
You can find always some risks when it comes to buying refurbished phones.


Simultaneously, the rising cost of living and inflation will likely further affect consumers’ attitudes toward cheaper and greener product options.
This could bring about more circular companies like Refurbed and prompt general retailers to link cause and cost-savings in their brand marketing.
Refurbed invests ample resources in educating consumers on the refurbishing process, end-product quality, and performance characteristics.
Consumer perception of second-hand products is definitely ambiguous.
When the startup was founded in 2017, 69% of surveyed consumers said they wouldn’t be buying a pre-owned phone even with warranties and insurance included.
The Stevie Awards for Sales & CUSTOMER SUPPORT are the world’s top honors for customer support, contact center, business development and sales professionals.

A refurbished iPhone has been tuned up and cut back to master working condition in a factory before being sold on Back Market .
So basically a refurbished phone has the double advantage of being a inexpensive smartphone while also having a specialist refurbisher guarantee its excellent quality.
The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or even to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.
To answer your question, both are good choices because both offer you devices with a one month return window and offer 90 days of warranty on devices.
If we get into details, I suspect Gazelle is more expensive mostly since they put devices by way of a 30 point quality inspection which includes both functional and cosmetic inspection.

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