revenuecat: App platform making it easier to build and manage subscription applications, offering tools to assist analysis and growth.

Are you ready to move towards usage-based billing?
Are you looking to automate renewal management ZoneBilling can automate renewal management.
You will be amazed at the simplicity and ease of the all-in-one billing system.
You can configure and bill subscriptions in one or more streams.
To calculate pricing, you need to use complex usage-based formulas.

Yeah, so we make an SDK and an API for mobile developers to add subscriptions with their apps easier.
And it allows them to

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The feature arrives at a period when subscriptions have saturated the app economy, but inflation is leading consumers to reevaluate what paid services are actually worth keeping.
This could have ramifications on the broader app ecosystem, as developers of apps not deemed “must haves,” could see an increase in cancellations as users continue tightening their belts.
RevenueCat can effortlessly handle real-time purchase events like trial starts, subscriptions, and cancelations and in-depth subscription analytics and real-time reporting for the key metrics.
Today, in-app subscriptions are everywhere; users must sign up for a recurring subscription to obtain access to app offerings on streaming platforms, learning apps, and newspapers.
With RevenueCat managing the complexities of subscription data normalization and integration, it is possible to turn integrations on / off with the flip of a switch.
You don’t need to put a complete development sprint into adding a fresh tool, and you can easily try new providers.
We have built-in

A/B testing feature to test out the various pricing of in-app purchases and paywalls.
Automatically send personalized notifications alongside promotional offers during subscription offers or in-app events.

Have More Features At A More Affordable Price

Ghost is the hottest open-source Node.js CMS. It ships with a front-end and default admin client, nevertheless, you can also replace them with your JAMstack.
Ghost integrates with a huge selection of other applications to increase your workflow.
You may also create your personal integrations using our open-source SDKs.
Understanding what drives purchases is easy with the built-in real-time dashboards, cohorts, and recurring revenue analytics.
Not to mention the fact that developers have to cope with a completely different backend when dealing with Google’s Play store.

  • Watch your business grow by understanding your cash runway.
  • The business started as a mobile app marketing platform and has launched an effective gaming publishing platform called Lion Studio.
  • Keep reading, and you’ll discover what accocunts for the Flutter app development cost, what expenses are essential, and how exactly to calculate the approximate cost.
  • Moreover, Paddle allows the creators for implementing additional payment methods alongside Apple Pay and choosing more billing models.
  • Performance, concurrency, bug detection, and memory management are a number of the criteria you should think about while comparing programming languages for writing the backend to each other.

While developers usually outsource push notifications and marketing, most build their own systems to control subscriptions.
With Apple’s announcement yesterday, it may also have the ability to attract more customers excited by the possibility of more price points to choose from. [newline]This is because different tools’ SDKs collect different data, collect it in different ways, and collect it client-side only, not server-side.
As we’ll explain in a moment, many of your subscription lifecycle events can happen when the user isn’t in the app .
Missing these events will generate discrepancies and lead to confusion across your organization.
Every major rule’s change creates a chance for new players to jump in and create a better suited solution.

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RevenueCat is really a complete mobile subscription toolkit that helps developers manage their in-app subscriptions.
It has created group of tools for developers of subscription-based apps.

Yokoy detects outliers, rule violations, and possible fraudulent cases and sends them for you for manual review.
The rest, from submission to export to your accounting system, is completely automated.
Yokoy is really a cost management tool which allows users to map their company’s process flow with no need for a team of developers.
Robust integrations can automate data flow between tools.
Yokoy integrates all major third-party tools, and provides all customers and partners with the “OpenAPI” platform for free.
As new tools and best practices emerge , we’re create to quickly add new integrations and ensure that changes don’t break your data.

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