Scentbird Inc.: Perfume subscription box company. The service delivers new designer fragrances monthly.

Don’t get me wrong, a few of my choices smell amazing and it is really nice to obtain new fragrances on a monthly basis.
Delivery is fast and the packaging is on point.

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Do Any 1 No A Genuine Site To Get Colonge Monthly

I only wear designer fragrances and this gives me a great opportunity to “test drive” different scents and gauge other people’s reactions.
I’ve had a few that I didn’t like but was an ideal little treat for my young teenage daughter.
Was searching for my next new perfume so made a decision to try Scentbird.
Happy with the service and the merchandise.
(Pretty cool concept therefore perfect for travel!) Wish I possibly could buy the small versions at Target tho!
The only thing that’s confusing may be the website, takes a bit to navigate.
(I wanted pink or sapphire!) So, overall.

  • Scentbird is the best subscription box.
  • Typically I would just go to among my preferred retailers to look at some new scents, but this is nice as you obtain an excellent sample size to test.
  • When I’m in the department store I am overwhelmed by too many scents.

The vials mean more than 120 sprays and you could apply the 4 sprays daily for 30 days.
On your first order and shipment, you will get a free gift of a reusable and sleek case.
And that’s where Scentbird’s stock rises.

Scentbird: A Monthly Perfume And Cologne Subscription Box

So far I have loved every scent I’ve received.
I love the simple the app, and I think the pricing is equivalent to if I were to get a complete bottle of perfume.
Scentbird helps me save money, find new scents, and reduce waste.
Fragrance in a good amount for an excellent price, much less than a rollerball at the wonder store.

Shipping is slow but product comes safe.
I’ve just received my 4th… and I’m loving the service up to now.
Typically I would just go to one of my preferred retailers to look at some new scents, but this is nice as you obtain a good sample size to try out.
There were a couple of that I must say i didn’t look after, but figured it was worth a try… too each their very own.
I certainly plan to keep on with this subscription and hope they continue steadily to add new and interesting scents to the list.

Please make your service website more mobile phone friendly.
As it stands at this time, the web site is difficult to operate from my smartphone.
It took months to find yourself in my account despite the fact that I contacted your staff concerning the issue.
I used to manage to, no it’s impossible.
Please please make your website more user friendly.
It’s the worst one I’ve encountered EVER.

I thought since i have had ore paid half a year, it could discontinue after then, or at least i want to know when my subscription was ending to ask if I’d like to renew.
It just charged my charge card $80 for an additional 6 months without courtesy reminder or anything.
Never asking how I’d just like the service or product, just charged me.
I tried to contact someone to no avail.
So I emailed them and no response after two weeks.
So I disputed the charge with my credit card company.

Also you can set your desired Scentbird delivery interval nevertheless, you want if the monthly subscription is too frequent.
With Scentbox I picked Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur.
I was thinking about trying it out because I had never sampled any of their fragrances before.

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