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Visit our blog page for the full list of FAQs about quick-connect fittings and solutions to these questions.
Connects copper, CPVC or PEX pipes in virtually any combination without glue, welding, clamps or unions.
3/4” Push-Match X 1” NPT Female Pipe Thread Coupling to connect to 3/4” pipes utilizing a push-fit connection and present you a 1-inside.
SharkBite fittings are appropriate for more than five forms of pipe, including PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT and HDPE, making them extremely versatile.
As with any product I use for the first time, I have ideas for things that could make EvoPEX even better and maybe should the product have an upgrade, these will undoubtedly be addressed.

  • McCannon and group evaluated the scope of the job and decided to employ SharkBite PEX pipe and SharkBite EvoPEX.
  • of use reduces installation errors.
  • Stainless flexible hoses have a tendency to absorb much of the sudden impact caused by water quickly entering or pushing through the drinking water lines, reducing sound vacation through the piping program.
  • The SharkBite EvoPEX technique is the next evolutionary part of providing a state-of-the-skill potable water method for effective and safe water delivery.

Innovative push-to-connect design makes for quick and easy set up when connecting two pieces of potable water pipe.
The SharkBite EvoPEX system is the next evolutionary step in providing a state-of-the-art potable water program for safe and effective water delivery.

These fittings are non-toxic and risk-free to use in drinking water applications. [newline]They are an easy task to disconnect and maintain and can be connected and reconnected repeatedly.

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Parker fittings reduce contamination and secure the environment.
Barbs will be like stems but have a barbed finish instead of a threaded end.

  • Approved for underground and behind-the-wall applications with no access panels .
  • Just minimize your PEX Pipe, make sure that the ends are trim square and the surface is smooth.
  • The space was restricted and pressing the fitting together overhead, well, took a little extra time plus some body contorting.
  • Must review the security of one’s connection before proceeding.
  • You can hook up Copper, PEX or CPVC directly to your water heater male pipe thread nipples by using these simple water heater installation kits.

Exactly the same flexibility and connectivity as the hoses above BUT also include a ball valve to make hot water heater installations even easier.
Connects iron pipe measurement threads to Copper, PEX or CPVC without any additional transition fixtures needed.
ISpring Water Systems is a water filtration company focusing on creating efficient clean normal water solutions for a variety of residential and commercial desires.
The crew at iSpring aims at providing water filtration solutions that raise the customer’s quality of life and thrives on customer peace of mind.
ISpring Water Systems focus on simple and easy, DIY installations of complete water solutions for the whole house and also small businesses.
The company’s mission would be to make clean normal water accessible and affordable to all or any consumers

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Since 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the amount of gracious living by providing exceptional products and services for our customers’ houses and their lifestyles.
McCannon and staff evaluated the scope of the project and decided to work with SharkBite PEX pipe and SharkBite EvoPEX.
“We generally use PEX for entire repipes because it’s flexible and good for getting into areas where rigid pipe isn’t easy to use,” McCannon states.
“We’re utilizing the EvoPEX system to try to assist with quickening the pace of the work and reducing the options of leaks,” Buss says.
Fittings are remarkably innovative, they won’t seal properly with soft or rolled copper and so are for use only with tough drawn copper Forms K, L, and M.
Items with CPVC and copper, and may very easily be removed if chosen or required by localized code.
Fix leakages with Sharkbite’s push-to-connect faucet and shower solutions.

An ideal solution for making quick fixes on copper and CPVC pipe.
Slip repair fittings allow for up to 2 inches of ruined pipe to be taken out and repaired utilizing a single fitting.
Simply insert the slip fitting onto the pipe and use the SharkBite demount clip to slip the fitting back again onto the other finish of pipe completing the connection.
RWC obtained HoldRite in 2017, accelerating entry into the US residential and commercial new build construction markets.
SharkBite EvoPex push-to-hook up plumbing method launched in North America.
In 2010 2010, RWC’s new Us all HQ opened in Atlanta, Georgia, and its Canadian HQ in Vaughan, Ontario.

Buss claims that another benefit of using the SharkBite method was that it expected less tools and labor than traditional systems such as crimp.
“Compared to a crimp where you’re going to have to get the various tools and it is a two-handed system, that is one-hand and you do not have to stop.
We can use one or two less people installing EvoPEX than you’ll a standard crimp or solder method.
For further security and safety, the SharkBite EvoPEX program is backed by a 25-year system warranty with consequential damage policy to supply years of customer satisfaction.
We own our developing process from start to finish, therefore every EvoPEX fitting and little bit of PEX pipe is guaranteed from strategy to delivery.

while also decreasing environmentally friendly impact of plastic waste products from purchased normal water.
Innovative push-to-connect design produces fast and simple installation when joining distinct size pipe.

In Suwanee, Georgia, Clint McCannon, proprietor of Cannon Plumbing, had to repipe a house’s complete plumbing system.
The original plumbing seemed to be polybutylene pipe, which is known to leak, burst and lead to water damage.
The team had to consider a number of alternatives when tackling this task, such as which pipe material and installation solution to use for the work.
Like you, plumbers everywhere are frequently seeking ways to provide better quality provider, regardless of the project.
And, with the ever-increasing requirement on plumbers because of the work shortage, the plumbing business has developed numerous innovations which will help you work more efficiently.

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