Shungite: A mineraloid with a black appearance made up of 98% carbon molecules.

The stone can convert rays from our devices into energy that’s not harmful to our very own energy and bodies.
What gives shungite stone its power is really a section of it’s carbon composition, specifically a molecule called fullerene.
These molecules are shaped and appearance similar to soccer balls (which is why they’re also called ‘buckeyballs’).
There are also other styles of shungite, sometimes called ‘shungite rock’, that have even lower concentrations of carbon.
A shungite pyramid crystal will protect a radius of “approximately 6-7 metres”, his website claims, and costs $226, reduced from $256.
The Shunga deposit contains around total carbon reserve of more than 250 gigatonnes.
It is found within a sequence of Palaeoproterozoic metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks which are preserved in a synform.

  • Before that, however, need to point out one important things.
  • Science even shows that every cell inside our body has it’s own EMF.
  • If a person feels it’s necessary to uberfilter the water why not just use activated charcoal?
  • The reason why they’re special in the context of shungite stones, is basically because these are the molecules that are said to give the stone its healing and protective properties.

Shungite water as seen in this article is of tremendous health benefit and while it might not have benefitted some parts of the population , it has benefitted a larger area of the population.
It has been supported from a many research that it does possess those extraordinary abilities.
It protects the user from the influence of negative energy.

The Annals Of Healing Shungite

Additionally, you can find speculations that it might protect you from electromagnetic field exposure.
The reason they’re special in the context of shungite stones, is because they are the molecules which are said to give the stone its healing and protective properties.
Therefore the more carbon shungite has, the more fullerene, and the stronger its capability to heal and protect.
Unlike most of the New Age healing stones of today, Shungite’s healing history could be traced back to the first 18th century.

The lagoons hosted masses of simple, one-celled algae and the volcanic activity in the region provided the algae with nutrients that let them grow.
Sediment from the volcanoes buried the remains of the algae and over time the heat and pressure from the planet earth condensed the oil and transformed it right into a substance that was almost pure carbon.
Stratified deposits which contain shungite keep their sedimentary structures, and it is thought that these metamorphosed from oil source rocks.
Shungite was discovered in the Russian republic of Karelia around the Lake Onega.
Specifically, a big deposit of it had been located at Zazhoginskoye, that is what gives shungite its name.
The Zazhoginskoe field is located around 2 kilometers from Lake Onega and around 5 kilometers from an accessible bay.
The field is just about 22 kilometers by 11 kilometers, and the village Tolvuya is situated within the territory of the deposit.

  • I’m not sure of this, but apparently the fullerenes in the shungite work similar to activated carbon to purify water.
  • It is said that water infused with shungite’s energy can assist children with hyperactive disorders in low dosages, assisting to ground them and granting them internal peace.
  • From that calculation, the effect was then converted from Angstroms into Nanometers.

Boiled water may be used for most washing purposes besides drinking.
You certainly don’t desire to wash your dishes in water straight from the creek that runs through town.
That’s enough time to remove microscopic pathogens and make the water safe to drink.
In order to experiment with using the water for any of the healing properties mentioned previously, you’ll need to leave the shungite inside it for eight to ten hours.

The Cold Event 8200 Years Ago Documented In Oxygen – Springer Link

With a life that probably involves multiple forms of technology, moving from one screen to the next, it’s essential to surround ourselves with energies that protect us from this radiation when possible.
After all, it’s not feasible to rid yourself of most technology, nor would you want to.
It is nice to know, however, that stones like shungite can clear our space of electronic smog and replace it with purified energy.

Thus, an extremely strong external similarity, a higher percentage of carbon and some sort of electrical conductivity present makes anthracite an ideal fake for elite shungite.

Anthracite is used as a fuel in the power sector, in transport and in everyday activity, as well as in a few technological processes.
Anthracite deposits are estimated at 6080 million tons in China, 6870 million tons in Russia, 710 million tons in South Africa, 200 million tons in Spain and 60 million tons in the United States etc.
The first time I got to see the rock was about three years ago, in an area rock shop.
Bottled water with your company’s message on it will undoubtedly be seen by a large number of people in cup holders, in the user’s hands, and on their desks, while pens and key chains wind up out of sight in the user’s pocket.
Comparative analyses are performed daily in accordance with State and Federal regulatory standards.

I also don’t desire to be a lab experiment and risk my life on an unknown.
In case a true SHTF happens then it will require all our efforts merely to survive.
I don’t have the time nor the interest to play with diamonds in the making.
You sound like an excellent person and one that’s still able to think for themselves.

Remember to clean the stones carefully with the correct cleaning materials.
According to Martino, the purified water can stay indefinitely without becoming dangerous negatively.
But, if the water is heavily polluted, she advises that the stones be cleaned every four to six months.
Experts advise that the Shungite stones be cleaned at least once a month or changed yearly in order to avoid these unwanted effects.
We don’t want that because it nulls the extraordinary aftereffect of the Shungite water as well as your body becomes too reliant onto it so much that it won’t manage to live without it.
People with very sensitive body systems, specifically the mentally and emotionally sensitive people, need to take into consideration the volume of Shungite water they take in.
For both humans and animals, lots of research has shown that animals react positively to Shungite.

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