Sitedocs: Safety management and compliance software.

They help you stop and predict incidents, maintaining your employees healthy and successful.
Ensure your business operations are reliable and efficient, together with maintaining the productivity of one’s employees.
Recognize and mitigate prospective risks to creation and manufacturing targets.

“In conversations with this members, they shared that they were looking for easier options in managing their safe practices initiatives, especially across numerous locations.
Sitedocs includes a solid track record in helping

Site docs is really a program that’s very user friendly and will be easily utilized by everyone.
The features are excellent as the downloadable app makes it very convenient and easy to access anywhere.
Having the ability to upload employee training certifications for site looking at is fantastic and keeps everything arranged nicely.
I really like the proper execution builder as possible customize to your requirements and create exactly what you want and need easily.
Generating reports using web page docs is simple and convenient saves lots of time.
I recommend Site Docs to anyone who wants to keep safe practices at their finger recommendations.

Contractor Compliance

with the purpose of improving workplace safe practices measures by planning chance prevention solutions.
Compare the best Safety Management software in China available using the table below.

  • With real-time monitoring and accountability not merely will you save time and money, you’ll as well ensure compliance and enhance safety culture across all of your job sites.
  • Compliance software helps imaginative teams quickly produce reliable, compliant, and meaningful job.
  • Over 1.5 million users worldwide use integrum to help them streamline their processes, reduce danger and accelerate their organization growth.
  • Is the future of risk operations.Contact the workplace security expertsat Matrix Safety Class today to request a demo and upgrade the way your organization manages risk.
  • Assignar is a construction operations software that may improve productivity, efficiency, safe practices, and overall quality.
  • Plus, I can access and view all of my worker’s basic safety certifications right from my mobile machine whenever I’d like.

Combined with web platform, iAuditor can be utilized as an inspector software that provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and high quality standards across an organization.
Workhub has it all – from free online security training courses to certificate tracking and policy distribution, types, bulletins, competencies, incidents and more features.
Workhub provides complete safe practices compliance software that allows easy management of training, procedures, policies, inspections, and more, centralized in one easy-to-use hub.
Our industry-leading application has been helping businesses improve safeness and compliance for more than 10 years.

Sitedocs Safety Management Software Overview

Alcumus eCompliance Safety Computer software is available as a web-structured or mobile-based solution.
It provides as a central repository for safety-related info and allows users to track, obtain and report instantly.
Alcumus eCompliance Safety Software supplies a robust eLearning module, training management, and compliance supervision that conforms to country-specific requirements like OHSAS 18001, COR, or VPP.
The Alcumus mobile phone app eCompliance allows workers to easily interact with the head office.

A suite of Safety Management Software equipment that increase safe practices participation in the business and assist the Basic safety Manager with organizing, analyzing and evaluating safe practices data and information.
Noviqu may be the leading safety and expertise retention solution for makers and healthcare companies.

  • It is possible to assign specific tasks
  • HRWize is a speedily growing SaaS founded HRIS platform, part of the Diabsolut Inc. band of companies, with offices in Montreal, Toronto & Boston.
  • SafetyAmp may be the modern, configurable EHSQ program you’ve been searching for.
  • companies streamline their functions and making sure compliance with real-time monitoring.

It is possible to consolidate more of your field records in one system, that may streamline the way your entire workforce signs away and submits approach statements, timesheets and incident studies.
This is free for all external visitors, and you may also pay a low-cost customer type for specific internal use cases.
It creates it easy and cost-effective that you should digitize all of your paperwork.

A1 Tracker

Our approach puts knowledge in the palms of frontline workers allowing them to always know what and how exactly to do their job.
Managers can easily review skills gaps, assess employees, and dive strong into analytics at the push of a button .

It can be integrated into all IT systems used by the organization to manage in real-time all improvements that affect staff .
The HR Safety Alert intercepts any modifications made to other computer software/databases (e.g. ERP, human resources, etc.).
It identifies what to be studied Blumatica will help you overcome information distribution!
Blumatica SHEQ was designed to improve safety circumstances at every workplace.
It is possible to request significant discounts on your annual insurance premium.
EHS management software is built to simplify complex business troubles.
Our implementations are more rapidly, more cost-effective, and more successful than traditional enterprise software techniques.

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