slowmo: Slow motion. A popular video effect where footage is slowed down, often used for sporting replays.

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While Pinnacle Studio doesn’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the heavyweights, it continues to improve.
The bigger quality stability and rendering serve as steps in the proper direction.
If you wish to create a slow-motion video on a budget, Pinnacle Studio can help you.
Download the installation file, install the program on your PC or Mac and launch the video editor.

  • In the scene where Po and Shifu are fighting on the dumpling, this is used showing how freakishly fast Shifu is.
  • that referees on the field of play have to decide in real time, these slow-motion replays are adopted as objective representations of the foul-play situations.
  • SloPro states that it can make your fast video very slow up to 1000FPS.
  • Partitioning of picture into three regions for field-side view detection.

A lot of offline and online programs to slow down video have previously flooded the market and the web.
A number of the tools is probably not convenient and efficient in slowing down the video however, some like Clideo will perform an incredible job on your own video.
When making slow motion video you may either decide to mute the sound or utilize the program’s tools to edit the pace of the audio in order that it matches the slow motion video.
A lot of the programs and online tools have a straightforward and intuitive interface; hence can be utilized with ease even by beginners.
Wu, “A general framework for automatic on-line replay detection in sports video,” in Proceedings of the 17th ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM ’09), pp. 501–504, October 2009.
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Ways To Achieve Slow Motion

Extraction of color and motion features from compressed video constitutes most proposed framework processing time; while training and classification by SVM classifiers is very fast.
Table 5 shows processing time of time-consuming modules in proposed framework.

  • In television, slow-motion is normally seen on sports, particularly on instant replays when showing an action that occurred too quickly for the naked eye to see clearly.
  • You can also use slow motion to add some drama and suspense to your videos.
  • Appears regularly in Smallville whenever Clark goes into Super Speed mode.
  • If using a dslr camera, set your picture size to
  • Watchmen abuses the hell out of it, with actual bullets, a flamethrower, and countless other things used through the fights in the film.

Scientists measured the contrary effect when viewers watched sped-up clips, suggesting perception of speed is influenced by prior experience.
Bayonetta has this as a signature mechanic — dodge an attack the instant before it would hit and you enter “Witch Time”, where enemies are so slow they could as well be standing still.
It’s the best way to get hits in contrary to the game’s tougher, lightning-fast monsters — which is why the Harder Than Hard mode, Nonstop Infinite Climax, helps it be extremely difficult to activate.
THE ULTIMATE Boss, Father Balder, is proven to have this in cutscenes aswell — in actual gameplay, it’s represented as him dodging basically all you throw at him without

That’s, an ambient style for initial explorative looking and a focal style for subsequent, more descriptive scrutiny (Eisenberg & Zacks, 2016).
Thus, follow-up studies are needed to further investigate the underlying mechanisms of the slow-motion effect.
Currently, many algorithms are complex and so are in a position to track motion between your time frames and subsequently generate new frames among that scene.


“The real-world advice I’ve is to never try to assess intent with slow motion,” Northwestern’s Burns says. [newline]“And stronger still, if you are assessing intent, never start to see the slow-motion version, ever,” because of the lingering effect a slowed-down clip might have on your perceptions.
Burns shows that sports leagues and courts get away from judging intent altogether in many cases.
“If it’s only based on the actions themselves”—whether someone crossed a line, say—“then by all means, slow motion away.” At all the times, we should slow down at our very own peril.
You just got a new camera and on the list of its exciting features are frame rates that go well at night 24 and 30 fps that you’re used to using.

In the list here, you will find the most notable 8 video editors to create a slow motion effect, free and paid.
It may seem just a little counter-intuitive, but in slow motion, you actually take more frames during the same period of time, so a “high” frame rate means “slow” video.
Normally a video camera takes 30 fps and then plays back 30 frames per second.
To slow down what we see on the screen, we raise the number of images which are taken each second while keeping the playback speed the same.
So at 50% speed, 60 video frames are exposed every second, so when they’re played back at the most common rate of 30 frames per second, it takes twice the actual time to view them.

Commercials such as for example those advertising cars, food, hair products and sport events are among the heavy users of slow motion cameras.
Video editing is actually much easier than you might think.
Now, it is possible to create incredible slow-motion videos and clips quickly and easily on your phone.

find the best slow-motion players that do the job.
With that said, we believe that the following list of slow-motion players will work for you, no matter your experience level or your project.

In this paper, we proposed an efficient way for slow-motion detection in compressed soccer videos.
Exploiting a rich set of color, motion and cinematic features resulted in high accuracy of the proposed method.

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