Sol it: Software development and consulting services firm.

We’ll make sure it’s done with guidelines and solutions in the cybersecurity niche.
Development of app’s appearance along with the logics of user and fintech software interaction.
We conduct manual and automated tests to guarantee the solutions we create are fully functional and high on performance.
Perfsol focuses on creating designs that are nice to check out and easy to use.
We believe only a well-thought-out UX/UI may bring out the project’s quality.
We use state-of-the-art technologies to provide performant and easy-to-navigate pages and web apps.
A perfect software solution is really a mixture of inspiration, expertise, and innovation.

Boost your tester team up to 18 times with software services.
Our specialists and teams are prepared to realize your projects – analysts, front and back-end specialists, UI/UX designers, DevOps, testers, and Cloud architects.
We will modernize and maintain your applications, enabling you to focus on innovation.
Use advanced business intelligence tools to analyze your company’s financial results.
You will utilize the potential of artificial intelligence and receive clear reports, letting you make decisions quickly and manage the company and its finances more effectively.

A Mortgage lending company has established a highly effective business process for sustainable growth through our Custom Application Development and API Integration Solutions.
As digital marketing consultants, we’ve years of hands-on experience in planning and implementing digital strategies to assist you to achieve specific goals.
Our project is a platform for facilitation and management in big and huge companies.
Apple, Levi’s, Nike, H&M, Columbia, Gucci, Swarovski, Walmart, Lego, Adidas, Aldi, Biedronka and 500+ more brands are using our platform.
Everybody works in a team of only around 10 people (6-8 Developers, 2-3 QA, Team lead) featuring its own section of responsibility in the project.

This is just one more gaming and competition website that people completely developed from scratch and delivered for a UK client.
Right now further details are kept confidential because of the contracting norms.
The following are some of the successful consulting assignments that we undertook and delivered.
With have trusted & authorized partners in the developed nations and therefore place experienced Nurses and Healthcare staff abroad.
Seeking to Build Your Brand with a Website or offer your services with a Mobile App?

What’s Software Consulting?

Fintech software development is really a complex process that will require unprecedented expertise because it’s about your as well as your customers’ money.
Fortunately, Perfsol has it and offers a range of services that fully cover all your needs.
You can expect professional web development services at all levels.
Websites, web apps, portals, or e-commerce services – our team is ready to build the correct solution and help your business thrive.
PSS offers its customers development of applications tailor-made with their business needs.

  • Ensure your hardware, software, and personnel interact to safeguard your systems and information from cyber attacks.
  • Design of software solutions for data acquisition, management and exploitation.
  • Combining our decades of tech expertise and industry knowledge, it is possible to count on our team to provide you with the best insights and customized solutions for the future.
  • The team became responsive on communication channels such as Slack, GitLab, and Scrum Zoom calls.
  • Perfsol maintains a higher standard and for that reason offers turnkey software development with all the necessary nuances.

Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes.
Ability to work productively in an Agile development process.
We invite you to the company where you can work on projects in the fields of Fintech, Healthcare, SOCIAL MEDIA, Logisctic, Sports and betting, Resource management and other.
Demonstrated understanding of the full implementation life cycle for enterprise software, and experience in managing each implementation phase.
Cognizant helps companies modernizetechnology, reimagineprocessesand transformexperiencesso they stay ahead in a fast-changing world.
Money should work, and quality fintech software is a great help in that.

Mobile Application Development

With a whole suite of automated tools, your software will need care of all the little things, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.
Let your project become our passion and bring our a lot more than 20 years of security-focused software development experience around.
Our approach involves a full analysis of the prevailing or “as-is” state of your environment both technically and non-technically.

  • This involves gathering information from you and anybody that could need to use the system.
  • The non-technical aspect focuses on your organization and change management.
  • We started as your small business just like yours, so we understand your challenges as well as your desired outcomes.
  • From native iOS to Android and cross-platform app development, our app consultants deliver quality solutions that extend your presence.
  • We are an EU & Israel-based Company-As-A-Service providing full-cycle Software Development, IT Services & Consulting, and Global Recruitment solutions in many areas of high-tech segments.

Our professional teams have profound industry knowledge and skills with the most recent technology needed to create turnkey business solutions.
At D2Sol, we have extensive expertise in the Health and Human Services space.
Health Care Reform (HEALTHCARE Exchange/Affordable Care Act), Medicaid, Child Support Enforcement , TANF, SNAP, Childcare, and Child Welfare are key focus areas.
D2Sol develops case management systems, integrated COTS solutions, web-based client interfaces, cloud solutions and numerous other technical innovations for our clients.

Our Projects

Whether you’re protecting highly-sensitive data or you simply need to know you’re doing right by your customers, we are able to help.
We are an EU & Israel-based Company-As-A-Service providing full-cycle Software Development, IT Services & Consulting, and Global Recruitment solutions in many areas of high-tech segments.
Combining our decades of tech expertise and industry knowledge, you can count on our team to offer you the very best insights and customized solutions for your future.
We have provided designed and development solutions that help client to draw substantial leads for their various workout and fitness programs.
We are your tech partner to assist you build apps with cutting-edge technology.
We offer consultation and prototype development with expertise in Blockchain, IoT and Business Intelligence.
Maintenance and SupportBased on your individual business needs and project type, we provide dedicated professionals to oversee assembling your project at the release and post-release stages.

A software audit could be part of the homework when acquiring software by way of a business merger or acquisition and helps the acquiring company understand hawaii of the program.
Before very long, potential becomes reality right before your eyes.
And one day, you’ll look back and realize giving your team these tools was just what they needed to accelerate your organization success.
Software development costs can simply spiral uncontrollable if you’re not careful.
Working with Peter at Sol Minion we’ve always laid out budgets and stayed on point.
Having worked with multiple vendors I could assure you this is simply not always the case.
That trust we have combined with their knowledge and innovation is the reason why we continue steadily to use Sol Minion Development.

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