Somaek: Alcoholic beverage made by mixing beer with a Korean spirit called soju.

Your glass should always be full — never empty — and when you’re done drinking for as soon as, leave some soju in the glass to signal you do not want a refill.
“You’ll never see a Korean pouring soju for themselves — that’s a faux pas,” he adds.
“And once you cheers, avoid eye contact — always look away.”

The price of soju averages at around $0.60 – $2.50 per bottle.
As it happens that soju has been around for centuries, and its popularity has fluctuated a lot over time.


begin using rice again for soju.”
It really is mainly popular because its price is comparable to any other bottled water.

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  • It is often blended with fruit juices, soda pops, or other ingredients to produce a
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Jinro Chamisul Fresh Soju is really a lower-ABV version that has been filtered through charcoal created from Korean bamboo.
Jinro 24, a spirit with a 24% ABV, is fantastic for mixing in cocktails.
Chum Churum is really a Japanese word that means “like the first time”.
It’s the first Chum Churum is made from the mix of grains and rice.
Korean females tend to be more likely liking to the particular brand, as have younger drinkers that aren’t acquainted with drinking alcohol that is strong.

Korea’s Beloved Mountain Cherry Liquor

Soju has a relatively mild flavor, and several people compare it to vodka.
Whether you are a seasoned drinker or a newcomer to Korean alcohol, these 20 popular options are a great place to begin your exploration.
When you talk about Korean Alcohol beverages, one thing that comes to mind of foreigners is “soju”.
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Korean beer is typically made with a variety of grains, such as barley, rice, and wheat, and is brewed utilizing the same process as other beers.
Baekseju has a smooth and mellow taste, with notes of honey and herbs.
Soju could be enjoyed on its own or mixed with other ingredients to create cocktails.

Gukhwaju includes a delicate, floral aroma and a sweet, slightly tart taste.
Gukhwaju, generally known as “gukhwa-ju,” is a traditional Korean liquor that is made from the flowers of the Korean azalea plant, generally known as the “gukhwa” plant.
The finished product includes a sweet, slightly sour taste and a thick, milky consistency.

The clear alcoholic beverage is sometimes called Korean vodka because of its neutral flavor.
Though it’s long been a favorite drink in Korea and is a perfect pairing for Korean cuisine, soju is enjoying increased popularity in the West.
There is a customary solution to drink it and you could enjoy it straight or use it to make cocktails.
Another popular mode of consumption would be to drop a shot of soju in beer, forming a glass or two called somaek, says Korea Travel Post.
Overall, its wide selection of flavors, smooth taste, and relatively low ABV ensure it is a highly versatile spirit — so experiment away.
It’s a distilled spirit traditionally made from fermented rice, but additionally popularly created from sweet potatoes, says Thrillist.
Food blog Saucey notes that it’s clear and light, with an average ABV of percent, which places it firmly between wine and liquor with regard to alcoholic content.

and is frequently enjoyed as a sipping wine.

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