Sound bath: A relaxation or meditation technique that involves lying down and listening to various sounds, such as singing bowls or gongs, often with the aim of inducing a state of relaxation or mindfulness.

A hug or kiss stimulates the release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone, through the bloodstream, while a punch or shove will release adrenaline and cortisol.
All these capabilities are what we say by the hidden brain in your skin.
The skin is highly innervated and intricately connected to the mind and central nervous system, just as other sensory organs are.

Natalia will be offering Intuitive Healing Sessions which incorporate tapping, inner child work, energy healing and intuitive guidance to heal the center and release inner blocks.
She’ll also be offering Body Nurture Sessions which fuse Thai Massage and Energy Healing to nurture and release tension from your body.
As the light and the dark enter into balance, with this day you will be invited to look at your year and harvest all the fruits of the task you’ve placed into your inner life.

New Year’s Day Class With Marcia Miller

found a nature reserve near my home and would often go several times a week.
I pointed out that the rain hitting leaves or hitting the pond made a different sound.
Once spring came, the rain sounds turned to birds chirping, and I had new sounds to test out.
It had been not until I moved to the UK that my mental health became a priority.

Join Brittny on Friday, December 16th, to celebrate the upcoming Winter Solstice.
We shall align with rituals, celebrations, and traditions that have been practiced for years.
It is inside our human nature to apply reverence for the change of the seasons and the return of sunlight.

The first round of therapy centered on my social anxiety and offered coping skills that could help me get outside again.
CBT also challenged me to expose myself to my fears of going outside in a healthy way, by holding myself accountable every week to my recovery.
I still remember my first walk during this time, I listened to my music and walked to the beach.
I was able to once again connect to nature and music, that was always a place of comfort and peace for me.
With time, I could build-up my courage and go outside to wait lectures, hang out with friends, and find a job, but every day was always a battle between myself and anxiety.

Benefits Of Sound Healing

If the heart is healthy, the rest of the body follows so let’s really strip it back, turn off the nervous system and dive deep into the gratitude and love inside our hearts.
Light and dark share equal time in the sky and we are able to revel in the feeling of the heat leaving summer to be greeted by the cool air of autumn.
We will have an interactive possibility to create an alter together and then move through many different practices to honor the seasonal change.
We shall set intentions and provide them to the fire in an effort to transform energy, while also supporting each other in community.
Join Stephanie Lopez as she introduces one to the practice of Integrative Restoration – iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation.
IRest provides you the various tools to heal unresolved issues and traumas while it reveals your innate, unconditioned peace and well-being which are present amidst all changing circumstances.

  • A gong puja is a profound experience, an opportunity to delve deeply in to the Self, allowing your mind to relax and expand, connect fully with your body as the sounds of the gongs vibrate throughout.
  • Consequently, David loves to teach and empower people to become super confident and self reliant, and live better lives.
  • Mother of four, yoga therapist, fitness expert, and Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Samantha Doyle, is known on her behalf gentle, simple, and effective approach to helping women achieve optimal health.
  • Group Reiki Healing Experience is intended to support you, and your well-being.

Group sound baths; these tune up my reiki and render pointless for me personally as I am forced into another mode, attempting to beam everyone around me in exactly the same bath session.
Since I can’t practice reiki on the people around me, group sound bath sessions just don’t work with me.
Music can affect physical responses, and reduce blood circulation pressure and heartrate while improving the metabolic rate.
A sound bath offers an opportunity to pause, whether you discover it personally at a yoga studio or meditation center, or online throughout a virtual sound bath.
The format, length, and location of sound baths can vary widely.
For instance, some sessions are 60 minutes long while some can last 90 minutes.

limited to stretching and an average workout, but it may also aid you with your spiritual growth, intelligence, and enlightenment.
It brings harmony and inner peace and contentment within yourself.
In YTT, you’ll constantly be reminded to value today’s time until it becomes a habit.
It can cause you to a far more positive outlook in life and develop higher awareness.
While there are many forms of instruments, including the human voice, the beliefs in what sound healing can do for humans are the same.

This is the second all-night Gong Puja ceremony and runs from 10pm -7.30am the following morning.
As the sun rises, there will be time and energy to reconnect with nature and awaken the body during a silent walk round the grounds.
This is accompanied by a drum circle round the fire and then a cooked breakfast.
When you leave, you will have a spring in your step and the whole day ahead.
A gong puja is a profound experience, a chance to delve deeply into the Self, allowing your brain to relax and expand, connect fully with your body because the sounds of the gongs vibrate throughout.
Mats and blankets are provided but please bring bedding and anything else you should be comfortable- pillows, air mattress etc. as you will be lying down for 7 hours.
Continuing from the successful previous courses, Aidan McIntye teaches practioners who want to deepen their understanding of playing gongs in various situations – from hospices to solstice gong baths.

But by accelerating or slowing the brainwaves, it really is easier for the mind to change its speed in reaction to external and internal stimuli.
Using electroencephalographs — a tool that measures electrical impulses in the brain — established that music with a solid beat stimulates the mind.
On the other hand, slow beats encourage the mind to relax by promoting a meditative state.
When you listen to faster beats, it could lead to deep concentration.
Metta Meditation is really a kind of Buddhist meditation that helps us to nourish our ability to be compassionate.
Metta comes from the Pali language and means benevolence, loving kindness, or compassion.

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